Real Money Gambling is run by a handful of gamblers, all of which were born in Canada and most of which live there to this day. The Real Money Gambling website was always intended for a Canadian audience, but the truth is that is can be enjoyed by gamblers all over the world. There are many reviews, opinion pieces and news articles that reference gambling in all of its forms, and although our focus are on the sites that accept Canadians and on the news that effects Canadians, much of our content will be of use to a global audience.

At Real Money Gambling we know what gamblers want from their online casino, and as Canadians we know the rules and regulations of the provinces. We are not here to tell you that you can gain access to a legal sports book, we’re not here to be dishonest, and we ensure that all of the sites we link to are legal in Canada. We also stay up to date with the latest gambling laws, so that we can ensure we catch any changes as they arise. And believe us, big changes do happen all of the time. In the United Kingdom, not long before this site was launched, a minor change in the law and the way gambling taxes were processed meant that many online casinos and poker rooms stopped allowing UK customers, and of course everyone remembers what happened to US gamblers during Black Friday, when the biggest poker rooms in the world were indicted.

As gamblers who were there when the age of internet gambling really took off, we have witnessed the many changes that this industry has undergone. We were there in the very early days when everything was decidedly more seedy and insecure than it is now, the days when the biggest gambling sites were often spammed in every chat room, every pop-up and every message board. In these days it was hard to trust the online casinos as they were not as tightly regulated as they are today. It was also hard to play on them, as you often had to grapple with a very slow connection, limiting your options to simple slots and poorly developed table games.

The times have changed though. The gambling sites grew, the software improved and the regulators jumped on board. It also began to be licensed, and online gamblers around the world were told where they stood in terms of legality. There are still those that fly under the radar, with sites supposedly taking advantage of loop holes to allow US gamblers to play, when in fact no such loop holes exist, but all in all it has become a tightly regulated and controlled industry.

These days, because of those changes, internet gambling is bigger than it has ever been. You can play in online casinos that have 500+ slot machines for you to choose form, not to mention table games, virtual scratch cards, bingo and more. There are also sites that have live dealers, poker rooms and so much more. The industry is more advanced than it ever was, but it is also growing faster than it ever did.

At Real Money Gambling we make it our goal to keep track of the industry, to monitor those advancements. We also like to keep an eye on the biggest sites, whilst watching out for new ones. There was a time when new sites were few and far between, but these days it seems they are popping up in their thousands every week, making it impossible for any gambler to keep track. At Real Money Gambling we can keep track for you. We use prepaid credit cards, debit cards and web wallets to join the latest sites and check they are legit before reviewing them. That way we can let our readers know the most trustworthy sites out there, not to mention which sites have the best features.

As we use so many different payment options, operating systems and devices to play on these websites, we can also advise on the best online casinos for your particular device. This is why on Real Money Gambling you won’t just find list articles such as “The Most Trustworthy Online Casinos” but also “The Best Casinos for Asus Mobile Devices” and “The Best Casinos for your iPad.”

Real Money Gambling is an affiliate website, but it is one that operates without bias. We only affiliate with the sites that we trust and the sites that we enjoy, and we never recommend any others, regardless of how much they offer us for leads or click-throughs. We want readers of Real Money Gambling to have an enjoyable gambling experience, we want them to trust us and our opinion, and we also want them to keep on using this website. We know that won’t happen if we’re not honest, so that is always our main goal.

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