Also known as Twenty-one, Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino. It has actually been called the most widely played casino table game in the world, as it is played in most casinos, from Las Vegas to Macau. The rules of the game are very simple and revolve around the player needing to make 21 with their cards, without going over. They play against the dealer, as opposed to other players, and although the maximum return from a single hand is usually not more than 2 or 3 times the initial bet, this can be a very profitable game for those who know how to play it.
Blackjack is the game that has one of the lowest house edges and although that makes it somewhat less popular with the casinos, there are enough amateurs throwing their money away to make this a useful inclusion for them.

There are actually people who make a good living from playing Blackjack professionally, and we’re not just talking about card counters. Many of them make their money through offline play, as those games often come with lower house edge than their online counterparts, but by using simple strategy you can make money through both online and offline Blackjack.

Before we take a look at the best online destinations for playing Blackjack, we need to discuss the different types of game available. Because of the low house edge involved with Classic Blackjack, casinos do their best to tweak the rules of the game and to increase their chances of a return. They do this under the guise of offering more and of offering large jackpots, but in truth they are only lowering your odds as a player. If you find yourself in a casino then you should avoid all gimmick games of blackjack, those that offer an array of side bets, jackpots and more. These are fun for the amateurs, but as someone keen to turn a profit, they won’t work for you. You should also avoid Spanish 21, a popular variant that is heavily weighted in the favor of the casino. Classic Blackjack and Blackjack games that use one or two decks are perfect.

When it comes to online play, you should aim for games such as Double Down Blackjack and Switch Blackjack, as well as Classic Blackjack and other standard games. If you’re in Europe, then try to avoid European Blackjack or Pontoon, as these are weighed in the casino’s favor. Always seek Vegas rules, as that will give you the best chance of getting a decent return.

The Best Places for Online Blackjack

As experienced players, we have played on most sites and have been disappointed with the vast majority. Basic Blackjack Strategy will get you nowhere on Bet365, William Hill or even BetFair, for instance, certainly in our experience, but one casino that does return a consistent profit for us though solid play is Royal Vegas Casino. We have turned a profit on this site for a long time, and although we’re constantly looking over our shoulders in fear we’ll be grabbed roughly and escorted out of the casino (which in this case would be our living rooms), we’ve yet to encounter any issues.

Obviously, you can’t count cards in an online casino, and believe us, because we’ve tried. Although online casinos try to be as legit and as real as they can be, they all use software that automatically shuffles the cards after every single hand. In some instances, the outcome of each card is determined at the point it is drawn, with all available cards to choose from. This makes count counting an impossibility, even for online blackjack games that advertise the fact that there are only one or two decks used.

You can use it to practice counting cards though, and if you use Basic Blackjack Strategy throughout then your practice session may even be a profitable one. Remember though that things are different in an actual casino, as the noise and the nerves can get to you and make even simple counting very difficult.

Another site that we use a lot is Platinum Play Casino, which is actually run by the same company behind Royal Vegas Casino. We prefer the former, but we would recommended both. Often the best way you can turn a profit playing blackjack is to make use of the deposit bonuses available. These will be paid out depending on your initial deposit and released steadily over the course of your play. They ensure that even if you just break even, the additional bonus will allow you to effectively double your money. So, if you want to make some quick money playing online blackjack, then hit up both Royal Vegas Casino and Platinum Play Casino and get playing.

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