Craps is a leading casino game that most diehard gamblers have played or wanted to play at one point. It is a simple game, but one that creates a great sense of excitement in the casino, with many gamblers gathered around the same table, hoping for the same player to bring them all luck. If you have never played craps before then you have almost certainly heard of it or have seen it played on TV or in films. This is the game that is usually depicted with one person rolling two dice, as other gamblers cheer and jeer all around him, with words like Snake Eyes and Ace Deuce being shouted.
What is Craps?

The history of the game of craps is not a simple one and no one really knows when it emerged, but there are suggestions that it may have first been played during the time of the Crusades, which would make it one of the oldest games known to man. What we do know is that the game was very popular in England (where it was probably invented) for a long time and that the game was exported to America via a politician and a gambler known as de Mandeville.

Craps is a very simple game and the only equipment needed to play it is a pair of playing dice. This has led to craps being popular on the street, but the casinos are also big fans of this simple game.

The craps table contains many different bets, often relating to number totals, and the game is played by the person who throws the dice, and also by others who can make bets based on that person’s throws. The table is oval, allowing for many people to stand around it, and the betting occurs much like it does on a roulette wheel, with the “wheel” taking the form of a player who throws two dice.

It is an easy game to play and an easy game to understand, and this is one of the many things that draws people to craps. There are also those who say that craps can be fixed, creating sure-fire wins for the player who throws the dice. This is debated, especially when those tricks concern hand movements only, but what is certain is that the game can be fixed when weighted dice are used and exchanged for the game’s original dice with sleight of hand. This is a highly illegal tactic, whereas simple manipulation of the dice due to hand movement may not be.

If you’ve always wondered what the many terms are, such as Snake Eyes, the answer is simple. These relate to the numbers on the dice. Snake Eyes is when both dice show 1 (looking like the two pin-point eyes of a snake), whereas Boxcars or Midnight refers to when both of the dice show 6s. There are many other names, referring to the many number variants that two dice can throw up, including Ace Deuce (1 and 2), Easy Eight (2 and 6) and Yo-leven (5 and 6.)

Where to Play Craps.

Despite its simplicity, there are many bets and many rules that new players should learn before they hit the craps table. One of these is aimed at those wishing to join a game in which they are not the “thrower”, in this instance they should always check to make sure that the dealer’s “On” button is visible, which means he is open to take more bets. If not, then they are advised to take a step away from the table and to wait until the game is available.

If you are new to the game and you think you might need some help in learning the basics, then try to find a slow table, one without many other players, so that you don’t disrupt the play of those more experienced. The ideal time to do this is during off-peak hours, as you might even be able to find a table that is empty, with a dealer who has no one else to attend to and will therefore be happy to show you the ropes. Obviously, if you don’t know the game then you should always bet small to begin with, just make sure you meet the minimum bet limit if there is one.

Online casinos have moved casino games into the world wide web and the last few years casino fanatics like us have been glued to their computers and devices, but when it comes to craps, this is a game that you’ll need to be in an actual casino to play. Whilst you might find variants on this game in some online casinos, the mechanics of it are a little too awkward to work in an online setting, and the fact of the matter is that few people would trust virtual dice anyway. This game might work in a Live Dealer casino and it might be that such an opportunity arises (or has already arisen, much to our ignorance) in the near future, but for now this is a game that is restricted to land based casinos.

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