Spin Palace

Spin Palace has been around for some time, with their online casino launching back in 2001. This is a trusted name that has firmly established itself as a premium online casino. Spin Palace is available around the world (with some exceptions) and as it uses the Microgaming brand there is no shortage of quality slots and table games on offer. Still, no one is perfect and although Spin Palace is definitely up there with the best of them, it is no exception to this rule, as we shall find out. 

Spin Palace: The Benefits

Spin Palace does the basics right. That sounds simple enough, but you would be surprised how many online casinos fail to do this. For instance, big sports book casinos like BetFred and William Hill have been known to use dodgy software that effectively cheated their customers, and whilst this was not intentional on their part, it was very ignorant of them and you’d expect an online casino to care enough about their customers to check these things beforehand. Spin Palace do just that, and there have been no reported issues with their software.

There are few things wrong with Microgaming either. In fact, there are few things wrong with Playtech as well, which is the other main casino software. What makes the online casino is not this software (as it really is flawless) but the additions they make to it, along with the banking options, the promotions and the loyalty schemes.

As far as those are concerned, you won’t find the biggest deposit bonus at Spin Palace, but you’ll find a very competitive one, and one that will set you up with a big cash amount to begin your Spin Palace experience with. There is also a good loyalty scheme, but again, good is not great. The same goes for their customer support, which ticks all of the boxes but doesn’t stand out.

Spin Palace: The Downsides

As we mentioned above, Spin Palace tick all boxes. They don’t excel as such, but they do everything that you would ask of them, which is more than can be said for some other online casinos. They don’t have the sort of customer support that Titan Casino have, they don’t have the sort of bonuses that BetCoin have and they don’t have the loyalty scheme that Royal Vegas have, but the difference with Spin Palace is that whilst nothing is exceptional, everything is good.

We really can’t find fault with this site. We could argue that they could use a Live Dealer option, but again, this is not really necessary as the Live Dealer is seen as a gimmick by many gamblers and they, like us, don’t go anywhere near it.

Spin Palace was once available in most countries, but the ever changing gambling laws have altered that somewhat. One of the countries that played it the most, for instance, was the United Kingdom, who typically have very relaxed gambling laws, but a recent change in those laws forced a lot of online casinos to back out of the market. Unfortunately for gamblers in the UK, one of those casinos was Spin Palace. It did create a separate site using the same software that players from the UK could join, but this legal alteration cost them big time and it effected a lot of UK gamblers who no longer have faith in the laws that they once appreciated.

Thankfully, the laws in Canada don’t seem to be following suit anytime soon. So we can enjoy it whilst we can.

Spin Palace Rating: 9/10

Perfection is great, but when you can’t get perfection then you’ll take the next best thing, and that next best thing is Spin Palace. In truth, we’re very picky, which is why we have only given Spin Palace 8 out of 10, but it is also why we have yet to see the perfection that we strive for. We have seen individual areas that are as close as they can be, as mentioned above, and although Spin Palace are in none of those, they do come very close.

This is a casino that we believe should be bookmarked by every diehard gambler. If you are like us and you like to switch between a number of different online casinos, finding one to fit your mood on any given day, then you need to add Spin Palace to your list. At the very least you should sign up, take advantage of their first-time deposit bonus and then effectively play for free to see if it is for you. If it’s not then you can back out and never return, having lost very little, but we have a feeling that it will have you returning time and time again, just like it does with us.

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