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Message boards have been around for as long as the internet. In the early days this is how internet users communicated, and even when their popularity was usurped by chat rooms, instant messaging programs and then social media, people still turned to message forums to communicate about their favorite hobbies and interests.


There are message forums out there for all sorts of interests, covering everything from computer game niches to fetishes and much more. There are also plenty related to gambling and to slot machines in general, and we know because we’re a member of many of them. Even if you don’t plan on joining these sites, they can be a great way to learn more about your craft. In fact, for every user that posts on these sites, there seems to be two or three users that simply use the site to read and to learn.


Whatever you want to use them for, this article lists the best slot forums out there, many of which we are members of ourselves, and all of which we check-in with on a regular basis. These are all free and there is no reason why you shouldn’t check them all out or even join all of them. You might feel intimidated with the bigger ones at first, especially if you’re looking for somewhere to read and post on a regular basis, but there are smaller sites listed here as well that might suit you better.


The Wizard of Vegas


This site is relatively small in regards to their slot machine section, but the website is huge on the whole and there are many different forums. You only need to look at the new members, and see that there are many signing up everyday, to realize just how big this forum is. You can have all of your gambling questions answered here and some of the most popular sections relate to sports betting, online casinos, land based casinos and more.


This really is an expansive forum and by far the biggest out there. There are even separate sections relating to all of the casinos in Las Vegas, so be sure to drop in and catch the latest news and reviews from Wizard of Vegas members before you head to the City of Sin to blow your kids’ college fund. Obviously, the bigger and more popular casinos have the most posts, but this is also a great place to learn about the hidden gems in the Gambling Capital of the World.


You can also use Wizard of Vegas to discover which casinos have had flags raised against their names and should therefore be avoided, along with casinos that have recently been released and are very promising. With hundreds and hundreds of people visiting the casino every day, along with many members reading and posting on a regular basis, this really is the place to be when it comes to gambling.


The only issue with this casino, as we said previously, is that their slot section itself is fairly small, but slots are discussed throughout the site as well. The fact that there are so many members on this website means that even though the slots section is small, the active members that frequent other areas of the site will see and reply to all new posts.



Slot Fanatics


This forum is devoted to slot machines and the gamblers that play on them. It is well laid out, although it is a little darker and a little more cluttered than some of the other forums on this list. The good thing about Slot Fanatics is that is has individual sections for the many different game manufacturers, so you can talk about individual software, with reviews, suggestions, problems, etc., being discussed. There are also sections relating to video poker, social media games and much more.


As far as the community goes, Slot Fanatics is very friendly and typically less strict than other forums. There are close to 15,000 threads at the time of writing, with around 3,000 active members. There is enough activity here to warrant checking in on a regular basis, and any questions you have will be answered almost immediately if you post during peak times.


Slots Forum


This is a very clean and neat forum, without too many adverts or graphics getting in the way. It is relatively new, but it is fairly active, and the many sections include slots tournaments, progressive slots, bonus games and more. There are also other forums connected to this one, including ones that relate to gambling tips and advice, casinos and more.


You should always try and spend some time on the bigger site, and they will generally offer you a lot more, but if you want somewhere a little smaller, where you can get to know the regulars and make a name for yourself, then the smaller casinos like Slots Forum could be perfect for you. Many posters actually prefer these smaller sites for that reason, happily sacrificing the lack of members and posts for the increased sense of community and togetherness that they feel on the smaller sites.

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