Land Based Casinos or Online Casinos?

This is a question that comes up a lot, and one that everyone has their own answer to. Are land based casinos better than online casinos? Is having the real thing in front of you better than the convenience and ease-of-use that online casinos can offer? In the early days of online gambling, no one would have ever asked this question. The casinos were slow, sluggish and limited, and there was simply no comparison to the land based casinos, which were literally where all the action was. That changed though. Not only did fast internet connections become common, but the very computers that they were connected to improved, with faster processors, better graphics and much more. This allowed the online casinos to grow, and as they were doing that, it seemed that the land based casinos took a step back. Las Vegas is still as popular as it always was, but the same can not be said for all gambling cities, including Atlantic City, whose best days are well behind it.


This is a close run thing and both sides have their fans. We’re not really sure which side we’re on, which is why we’re perfectly placed to answer this question, and to do so without bias.


In Favor of Online Casinos


As we have already said, when it comes to online casinos, the pros are that you can play anywhere and at any time. You don’t need to dress up and plan your night away, you can simply log on and start playing. Whether you’re in your pajamas, in bed or even in the bath, it doesn’t matter. With the advent of mobile devices, and with many online casinos having their own apps, you can also take an online casino with you wherever you go. Thanks to mobile connections such as 4G, you don’t even need Wi-Fi. When it comes to land based casinos, you have to make a night of it, most of them will require that you dress up and many will even charge you to get in.


There is also a greater choice when it comes to online casinos. If you live in a town then you might be ale to chose from just one or two land based casinos, the same as if you lived in a small city, and there’s no guarantee that these would have what you need. With online casinos, however, you have a world at your fingertips and can download any casino and play any choice of games that you want.


As far as the lower limit goes, online casinos are also preferred. The online casinos allow you to play with a few cents, but this is not practical for the land based casinos who tend to operate lower limits that are ten times higher, or ever more.


In Favor of Land Based Casinos


Speaking of limits, as far as the higher limit is concerned, then you are much better off in a land based casino. Don’t get us wrong, the online casinos do have very big limits, but not that big, and those playing at the higher limits will likely raise suspicions, whilst those playing at such limits in a land based casino are more likely to be supped with a free room, free food and free drinks. And that brings us to another point, because whilst online casinos do have loyalty schemes that reward players with cash back, land based casinos offer so much more. Many of them will give high rollers a large percentage of their losses back, along with plush suites and other rooms in the hotel.


This helps the gambler to feel special, which they can’t really get in an online casino. In such cases, it is actually preferable to make a night out of it, and dressing up in your best tux, plastering on your best smile and spending a night on the casino floor can be a great experience when you have money to throw around and can indulge in casino perks.


That’s what it all boils down to though, it’s not necessarily about which is better, but which is better for you and for your level of play.


The Verdict


Simply put, if you are a high roller, then there is no better place to be than in a land based casino. Here you will be treated like a king or a queen, you will get a long list of perks, VIP treatment and more. Many casinos even have exclusive back rooms for the big spenders, where everything is just that little bit more luxurious.


If, however, you like to bet small, then the mobile casino is probably best for you. There are little to no perks at land based casinos for those who bet small and occasionally, but online casinos have loyalty schemes that can benefit everyone, albeit with cash back that is relative to the amount they bet.


The trick here is to find the line. When do online casinos stop being the preferred way to gamble? For us, it’s a matter of dedication and expendable income. If you want to gamble away thousands in a single night, and can do so without batting an eyelid, then that’s your ceiling point. If you can bet and lose hundreds, or even up to a couple of grand in a night, but be deeply effected by it, then you’re probably still better off in an online casino, as your budget doesn’t quite afford you the luxuries that make land based casinos better than online ones.

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