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BitCoin has been exciting the financial community since its creation. There is a lot of promise with this digital currency, but there is also a lot of uncertainty, with few really knowing whether it will end up as one of the world’s biggest currencies, or another economic disaster resigned to the history books.

What is BitCoin?

BitCoin is an online payment system, using digital currency to process secure and anonymous payments across the web. BitCoin was first launched in 2008, before being turned into an open-source software (which is a software that everyone has access to and can modify) a year later.

Many people refer to BitCoin as the first crypto currency, although in truth there were a number of others proposed before it was launched. It is actually the first decentralized digital currency, which means that it operates without a pre-existing currency behind it. The life of a BitCoin begins when someone uses immense computing power to process one, bringing it into being where it can be sent to many other users, sites and more, used to purchase everything from illegal and black market goods, to groceries and online gambling, which is what we’ll be focusing on here.

As BitCoins were once valued close to $1,000 for a single coin, there were a lot of people looking into how they could process them themselves, but the truth is that this takes a huge deal of processing power, and typically many machines are needed to do this. BitCoin producers tend to be large communities and groups, banding together to purchase very expensive equipment, before passing out the coins that they produce. As well as the expensive equipment needed, there is also a lot of power used, which can run up huge bills.

Still, BitCoins are still a highly valued currency. At the time of writing they are far from their highs of previous years, but many are still predicting that they will one day be worth tens of thousands, and may even create a universal currency, and one that does not need the backing of governments and banks.

The only issue with BitCoins, from the perspective of gamblers such as ourselves, is that they have previously not been available for online gambling. This is because of their tendency to go through big peaks and dips, but also because there is no preexisting banking system that online gambling sites can use. As we will discover though, there is one site that took it upon itself to create its own system for processing BitCoins, allowing owners to use them for an online gambling experience like no other.

The Best BitCoin Gambling Experience?

There is only one site that we know of that accepts BitCoin, but that’s not to say that it isn’t valuable as an online gambling destination in itself. BetCoin is one of the most exciting online gambling sites to come to our attention in recent years. Not only does it accept BetCoin, but is has a new member promotion the likes of which we have never seen before, and it also has a huge number of unique games.

BetCoin is not a flash in the pan. It is available in many countries around the world and it already has millions of members. BitCoin is quickly growing into the world’s biggest currency, and BetCoin is riding the wave of that success, providing online gambling opportunities to everyone lucky and shrewd enough to own these coins. The process for adding money to your account couldn’t be simpler, and once you get things rolling then you can pickup close to $6,000 in free money to play with, with everyone’s favorite games on offer, including many new ones such as Circle, Dice, Flip, War, Baccpo and Tiger Dragon.

Another huge benefit of BetCoin is that it rewards its loyal members as much as its new ones, with one of the best loyalty programs we have ever seen. They understand that maintaining a popular site is not just about attracting new players, but also keeping hold of old ones, and they do this by offering a high rate of cash back, and some of the lowest house edges of any online website. They also have very impressive progressive jackpots, with over $2,5 million available across several different games at the time of writing, an amount that is constantly growing.

There are very few things wrong with BetCoin. It could do with a sleeker design, but with everything on offer, we really can’t complain. If you’re looking for an online casino that offers a little more than the ones you’re used to, or if you’re looking for a way to spend your BitCoins, then you should check out BetCoin, we’re sure you will love it as much as we do.

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