Bingo Gambling History in Canada

Although the origins of bingo are somewhat of a mystery, the actual spread of bingo to Canada and the rest of North America did not occur until the 1920s and 1930s. it has been popular in times prior to this elsewhere, but the excitement of many from across the waters helped to eventually bring the game here. One of the big names involved with the spread of bingo across Canada and America was Edwin Lowe.

He first spotted the game being played in a carnival at Atlanta, when it was first beginning to become slightly popular, and was entranced by its incredible style and the way that the actual game was played. Thoroughly engaged, he brought it back with him and eventually took the game to New York to try and spread the fame of this excellent game.

It was actually through this that the name bingo was coined; in a panic to make sure they won, those playing privately with Lowe would accidentally shout “Bingo” instead of its original name, Beano. This caused much comedy and eventually the actual name of bingo was born. Some claim that isn’t actually the case, as the term has weight of being used in the UK as far back as the 1770s, but it’s hard to get a true tell.

The carnivals that it was spotted at, though, were made popular by Hugh J. ward that brought the modern rules to these carnivals in the early 1920s. They travelled around Pittsburgh and West Pennsylvania and were key players within the game being able to spread beyond the early band of originals players. In fact, Ward eventually became the author of the rule book and copyrighted the term Bingo in 1933!

By the 1940s, bingo had spread into Canada on a massive scale and was beginning to really take place in communities all across the area. It’s massive growth was easy to understand – the game had taken on a chance for people to be able to make big winnings as the larger coverall jackpots became commonplace, allowing a larger jackpot to be claimed by one lucky winner.

Many Canadian casinos and bingo facilities have become linked with the US, such as Loto Quebec, which creates a larger pool of prizes to pick for from users across both countries. Whilst the history of Canadian bingo is still growing, it’s popularity across the nation cannot be denied any longer.

History of Global Bingo Playing 

An event that is enjoyed all across the world, bingo is far more than just your typical hall game – across the world, from Canada to Australia and the United Kingdom, bingo is played by millions. Some are playing to have some fun whilst others are looking to win back and get those winnings that could change your life.

Whilst in years gone by people were buying a month’s shopping with the money they won at big bingo games, nowadays people are capable of retiring on the massive earnings they bring in from the bingo halls and online bingo websites available.

So, how did it manage to spread across to so many countries all across the world?

The best thing about bingo is the fact that nobody really knows how it came to be; its origins change depending on who you ask. The most plausible theory is that bingo gets its style from the old Italian lottery. Adapted and changed as it moved from nation to nation and swept across Europe, it eventually became to be known as something approaching bingo.

The closest link to the game we have, though, comes from 19th Century Germany; it was used in schools to try and make the learning exercises for children more enjoyable. Between these two games, you probably have the genesis of bingo.

In the early days in the United States, as the game spread across the ocean, the game was known as “Beano” rather than Bingo. When players were victorious they would shout “Beano!” instead. it was popular at carnivals and other similar events in the early 1900s.

Eventually, it was spotted by Edwin Lowe who had visited a carnival over in Atlanta; he decided to take the game to New York, and the spread from there was massive.

The name actually comes from the friends of Lowe shouting “Bingo!” in a rush to get the word Beano out and win! It stuck, and the name has stayed the same pretty much ever since. It travelled all across North America in the 1940s, and it’s growth ever since the online industry came around has been remarkable.

It’s now, without a doubt, one of the most comprehensively enjoyed games in the world as people all across many nations take part in the high paced and energetic game – after all, with its modern millions involved from the online boom, millions might await you!

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