Canadian Bingo Culture

Whilst to some the culture of bingo in Canada might feel somewhat similar to how it feels in the United States, for those who are coming from Europe to play it can feel almost entirely different! The culture between each continent is very different, and the entire style can change entirely. The tempo is much faster, because players can be playing as much as thirty cards at any one time. Keeping them taped down to the table, people will clear as many numbers as they can in a bid to try and win.

Additionally, Canadian bingo culture is big for having multiple bingos. For the uninitiated, this is when a single line is played for, then a full card, and then what is known as a consolation full card. This is much more similar to the way that online bingo works so if you have ever played online you will find this very similar to the rulings that will be used in Canada and the majority of the United States.

Another thing that is quite different between the countries is the prominence of local bingo halls; whilst in Europe they have died out in their prominence (although still popular) in Canada they are thriving. Many churches and community centres rent out their bingo halls on a daily basis for various organizations. This creates a huge amount of revenue from the charitable donations and events held with bingo as a key event.

One big difference between Canadian and American bingo culture, though, is the fact that commercial gaming is more common in Canada. It’s actually a big part of the culture of the country for many people as commercial bingo halls are found without too much difficulty throughout the nation. In the UK, though, you have a tendency to see a greater variety in the age groups who turn up to the local bingo halls; in Canada, it’s still something that the older generations tend to enjoy.

It’s very competitive, almost like a sport, and people play to win rather than socialize and have fun. This isn’t to say you cannot be making friends whilst having some fun, but when the action kicks in you can expect those friendships to be put on hold! If you are looking for that truly competitive experience, then Canadian bingo culture is for you. Getting that spirit in mind is important if you decide to drop in; people aren’t here to have some fun and maybe get a little win – a lot of people are playing here to make a nice earning! It’s a totally different mindset, but it’s nonetheless a hugely exciting experience!

Local Bingo Gaming in Alberta

When it comes to finding the best local bingo halls in Alberta, you have plenty of choices available to you. Of course, you can go for the online option and play from the comfort of your home but if you want to take in the full local bingo experience in Alberta, you have several options available to you.

Whilst many of the current generation of bingo players will be more used to playing online from the comfort of the couch, those who have been around the block, so to speak, will be more than used to heading to the local bingo hall as it used to be.

If you want a more retro experience, as well as getting to see the social aspect of bingo more acutely, then you will want to look into some of the bingo facilities that are throughout the area. If you want to see a full list of the bingo facilities in Alberta, then you can check this link out by the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission.

However, this will give you an idea of some of the most popular local bingo gaming sites in the Alberta area that you might want to consider checking out;

Bingo Connection

Bingo Connection is a website that is well worth keeping an eye on; they provide you with a huge amount of information about pot information and is updated on a daily basis at 10AM every morning. It’s well worth keeping an eye on if you need a bit of extra information about the bingo scene.

Bingo Barn

As one of the most popular names in the region, this is one of the most enjoyable bingo halls that you can visit in the area. It’s got energy, personality, a bit of class about the place and a strong community connection that will easy for everyone to step in and enjoy themselves.

If you want to see how much fun playing bingo in the flesh can be then this is a good place to get started; it’s friendly and engaging, and will make it very easy to get comfortable and into the swing of things.

Satellite Bingo

The Satellite Bingo brand is one of the biggest in the area and covers the vast majority of the Alberta area. They have halls such as Carsars Bingo, E.N.E.B.A, Castledowns and Bingo St. Albert to give you all the help that you need in getting an awesome bingo experience. If you are looking to get into a traditional routine in terms of the rules and style of bingo then this is as good a place to start as you probably can in Alberta.

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