Online Roulette Strategies 2015

Roulette is one of the oldest games in the casino, played and enjoyed by gamblers all over the world for hundreds of years. This game originated in France, but today it is arguably at is best in the bright lights of Las Vegas or Macao. This game is entirely based on luck, but as with every form of gambling, if you know how to play the game then you drastically improve your chances of beating it. There are also a few tips to take onboard that can help you to get the better of the house.

Before we get to that though, you need to know where the best place to play this game is, because with all online casinos trying their hand at the game of roulette, it’s not easy to find the one that does it best.

Royal Vegas Casino

When it comes to an online casino you can trust, and one that offers the latest in online roulette technology, then you need not look any further than Royal Vegas Casino. This casino has been in operation for over a decade, constantly updating and improving its software to match the needs of its customers and to remain up to date with the rapidly advancing world of technology.

One of the newest advances in online gambling and one that Royal Vegas Casino latched onto immediately, was live dealer games, which are part-real and part-virtual. These games use real dealers and real equipment, with players providing the virtual aspect. Whilst some find these games lacking, others find them to be the best of both worlds. One of the live dealer games offered by Royal Vegas Casino is roulette, but the tips below apply to all forms of roulette on the site, from American rules to European rules and to the live dealer games.

The Basics

Once you’ve signed up to Royal Vegas Casino and picked up your $1,200 new member bonus, then it’s time to hit the roulette tables. If you are new to roulette then you should play at very small stakes to begin with. You also play with “fun” credits if possible. This will help you to get accustomed to the game, because if you go in as a complete novice and bet big from the start, then you could lose a lot of money to a lot of stupid bets. It’s all about percentages in this game and with roulette you’re beginning someway behind the house. If you learn to play the game though then you can edge a little closer.

In fact, you can manipulate the house edge just by choosing the right game. We mentioned above that you are free to play any version of roulette that takes your fancy, and whilst this true, if you want to remove as much of the house edge as possible then play European roulette. The house edge on this game can be as little as half as the house edge on the American roulette games. Other than that, these two variations don’t have any major differences, so don’t worry if you have learned to play one and have never played the other.


Roulette, unlike blackjack or poker, does not care if you’re on a good streak. In poker a good streak raises your confidence and lowers the confidence of the players around you. In blackjack, a good streak keeps you focused, it keeps your confidence up and it ensures you continue to make the right moves. Also, both of these games are not heavily weighted in the house’s favor and it is generally assumed that you can easily be in profit over extended play, which does not apply to roulette. Therefore, if you’re on a winning streak and the profits are coming in, then skim some off the top and put it to one side. You can do this by withdrawing, or simply by putting it into your sports book wallet so that you can’t get at it straight away.

Don’t skim pennies or dollars off the top, but if you began with $300 and now have $400, then take out $100 and continue to play. If you double your money then withdraw, knowing that from then on you’re playing with profit.

Stick to the Even Bets

The best way to win at roulette is to stick to the bets that give you a good chance of winning. These include the Odd/Even and the Red/Black bets. You are then basically flipping a coin, but in a game of chance, this is the best outcome that you could ever hope for. If you put your money on single numbers or even small groups of numbers then you might be able to win more money, but you can bet 100 times and never win, whilst such an outcome in a 50/50 bet is very unlikely.

Of course, you can still place the odd bet on single numbers, but tread carefully and aim to bet around 1/10th of what you would bet on a 50/50 bet.


There are many roulette strategies that you can follow, all of which have some value to them. They are not difficult to follow and you can read about them extensively online. We prefer the strategy known as the James Bond Strategy, but there is also the Grand Martingale Strategy.

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