How Slots Stole Canada

Canada is considered as the “Land of Plenty”, in that it has plenty of diverse wildlife, warm weather in the summer, and a great abundance of natural wonders, drawing tourists in every year. The nation also happens to have one of the most diverse lands in terms of slots playing and gambling due to the laws that are friendly for gamblers wherever they may come from.

Slots Culture in Canada

Slots or the Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM) as officially titled as such, are big part of Canadian culture. As a matter of fact, most Canadians are proudly saying that gambling is a huge part of society. There is a saying in Canada that everyone gambles. While it does not mean to be 100 percent of locals are actually wagering their dollars from which they earned real hard, it is more of an accepted stereotype that has been developing through the decades since most Canadians gamble at least once every year.

Gambling became common in Canadian society dating all way back into the late 18th century when floods of migrants had already settled and gained their footing in society. Interestingly enough, however, there was a huge connection between gambling and criminals, much like it was in Australia, as these types of people were hungry for fast cash rather than wanting to earn it. Nowadays, it seems people earn money more easily and are always looking for a place to burn it.

The first slots was seen in Canada after its installment in pubs around 1900 to 1910, not long after Charles Fey credited to invent the slot machine in the US in the late 1890s. Slots machines have become an instant hit in the local boozers and pub, and laws since then have always fluctuated in terms of legality. In the recent years, there are studies showing that 62 percent of the gambling expenditures from Canadians go into EGM’s; thereby slots have been the dominant source of the taxable gambling revenue.

Canadians enjoy the entertainment, convenience as well as the possibility of the massive jackpot wins when playing slots. In addition to the slots’ superfluity, eliminating the need for a fellow bettor is also viewed. As much as we love a fast round of the Two-Up, if you are not able to look for someone to bet with, there will always be lots of slots that are willing to take all your coins. This is an individual game and you will be playing against the machine. There is no room for errors to determine any losses and wins, and the deserved payouts will always forthcoming, which means that your opponent with sobriety deficiency is not going to punch you because they think that you are cheating, or you run out the door because someone did not got enough money from you to pay up.

Slots are overall some of the most popular games on the web for online casinos and Canucks in particular like them due to the easy rules and quick results compared to other casinos. Slots can also be played in small amounts or larger wagers, making the pay ins and outs one of the most widely used and reasonable form of gambling out there. This type of machine reflects the behavior found in Canuck’s every day life – simple and straight forward – and is a big reason why the game is as popular as it is.

We also cannot deny the convenience of slots either. Slot machines are found in pubs and can be played without a dealer. When in a busy and noisy environment could you come across a casino dealer or have someone with you to play head on head, such as in poker? Slots do not require any of this, and are accessible for the long-time and newcomer to gambling.

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