Tragic Slots Stories in the Great North

Due to the popularity of the slots in some places most especially in Canada, most of the people living in that place have already experienced playing the game. In fact, some even became really hooked or let extremely attached to pokies because of the prices and fun it offers. Some of them spend even big percentage of their money just for the game hoping that they will win. But some said that they play slots during their past time. Yet, most of them don’t realize that as time passes by, it already became their day and night life. Though some of them got really lucky because of slots, there are also some people who experienced tragic stories.

Canadians that became addicted

One of the people who has tragic story regarding pokies is Elsie. Before she became addicted with slots, she experienced life difficulties. It includes the death of her son’s partner in a car accident, the addiction to drug of her youngest son and her eldest son’s death. This happened for over five years of her life that resulted for depression and disillusion.

To lessen all the depression and stress that she is suffering, she visited slots online playing. It is her way to escape from the reality and from the things that happened to her. Due to the fun it offers her, Elsa tends to visit slots as frequently as possible. Until she did not notice any more that the fun offered by pokies becomes an uncontrollable urge or addiction. She even spent a high percentage of her money in gambling. So her family looked for a counselor, which can help Elsa to recover with her addiction to slots. She said that the counselling is very helpful but she still had an uncontrollable desire and she even sometimes does things that are out of her character.

Just like chasing all her losses all night and becoming unhappy and socially inaccessible, she also admits that she lost an interest in all of the activities she normally enjoyed. She desperately realized that she really needed help because she is already out of control. One night while Elsa is watching TV, she saw something in the news that tells about the success of Flinders Therapy Service. This is a service that is intended for people who are addict in gambling. So she engaged in that service and scheduled an appointment. After months of therapy, Elsa renewed herself. She said that the treatment gave her courage and confidence to extinguish and confront her desires to gamble.

Just like Elsa, Roy from Alberta also became an addict to gamble specifically in slots. He said that he used every dollar he has and even the money that doesn’t belong to him just to satisfy his longing to play pokies. Such incident of his life directed him to the limit of self-destruction. His bills become higher and higher but he keeps on engaging in that gamble game hoping that he can win back all the money that he lost.

He admitted that he has fallen into the trap of slots. He also said that the trap acts on his emotions making him want to play into it no matter what it may take for him. It makes him enter in the path of self-destruction that he considers slots as a form of suicide. The game almost triggered him to end his life but it is a miracle that he was able to fight such inhibitions. Instead of committing suicide, he contacted a group of people in church to help him in his addiction to slots. The group told him that he should pray to God to help him out of that point in his life. But Roy is a Pagan so he considered it as a very serious trouble and he also found it totally unacceptable. Instead of doing such step, he asked for help to a non-church organization known as the Bellwood Health Services. He said that the service is being run by the people who are included in the said medical profession. He said that the service given to him allows him to have a clear understanding regarding his mental processes towards his addiction. He also said that the service is a mental tool that helps him combat against addiction. He uses the word combat because it has been a real and great battle for him to overcome his addiction to slots. At present, he is still fighting his addiction to slots and the services offered by this organization helped him to conquer the battle regarding pokies addiction. He said that after three weeks of the program he was able to overcome the longing he has in playing slots. This is definitely his biggest achievement that makes him live a positive kind of life.

Anne from Quebec, who was a successful lawyer, is also one of the people who became addicted to slots after finding boredom in her job. Like other gamblers, Anne also put almost all of her money in playing such kind of gambling game. She also spent most of her time playing in casino and without thinking the amount of money she will spend playing the game. In fact, she even hears the sound from the machines every time she will go to bed before sleeping. Hearing such sound makes her feel the longing of playing such kind of game. To stop her longing, she always visits the casino and plays slots. But after days of playing she eventually realized playing slots are already controlling and taking over her life. She even tried to walk away from slots at one point, but there is still a strong urge in her that told her to just play the game. Fortunately, she was able to overcome it thru the help of her family and friends.

Playing slots is really addictive. If you want to play this game you need to make sure that you definitely have the ability to control yourself. Always remember that there is always a limit to everything.

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