Online Video Poker Strategies 2015

Lately we have been playing a lot of video poker, using the extensive variety of games available on the Royal Vegas Casino to do so. We began with a strong knowledge of poker, but not a huge amount of experience with video poker, but after doing our research and spending countless hours playing these games, we managed to turn a profit.

Of course, just because we did it doesn’t mean that you will as well, even if you follow our tips to the letter, but at the very least you should drastically improve your chances and you could win even more than we did.

The Right Game

The first thing you need to do is find the video poker game that is right for you. On Royal Vegas there are many to choose from, with half a dozen single hand and half a dozen multi-hand games. Our preference has always been for the multi hand games, because beating video poker has a lot to do with persistence and variance, so the more hands you play the better.

The game that we found worked best was the 5 Hands game on the Royal Vegas site. This literally allows you to play 5 hands of video poker per deal. There are also 50 and 100 hand versions, but these don’t have as much user involvement and rely a great deal more on luck than other variations.

If you’re a complete novice, then by all means stick with single hand games first and then work your way up. You should also make sure that you take advantage of the new member bonus offered by Royal Vegas Casino, which will give you a large cash injection to get your video poker career underway.

Flushes and Straights

You should always play for flushes and open-ended straights when you only need a single card. If you have four of the same suit and only require one more, then you’re giving yourself a 25% chance of landing a flush, which pays much more than 4x your stake and therefore means that the odds are well in your favor. The same applies to an open-ended straight, which is when you can land one of two cards to complete your straight, but not if you have a high pair. Taking these risks you are also giving yourself an outside chance of a pair, because you could easily pair any of your 4 cards if the flush or straight does not land.

This rule does not apply if you have three in a flush or a straight and therefore need two cards to land in your favor. This is an outside chance and you’ll miss it many more times then you’ll land it.

Ignore Low Pairs

Whilst you should always keep high pairs, anything less than 5 is no good to you. If there is nothing else on then by all means keep it and shoot for a set or even a four-fold, but don’t hang onto it if doing so hurts your chances of getting something bigger. A low pair is also useful when you have another pair on the board, as that means you have two pair and as well as giving yourself a chance of landing a full-house, you’re also still in the money if you get nothing with your final card.

Take your Chances

Let’s imagine that you have the 10, J and Q of hearts, along with two black kings. Based on the advice above, you might consider keeping those kings and getting rid of the other two cards, but this is where we like to take our chances. Many games will pay a jackpot for a royal flush, something so big that it eclipses all other pays on offer. This makes chasing a Royal Flush a very worthwhile thing to do, and if you have three cards and are counting on two more to land in your favor, then go for it. The same applies (even more so) if you have the 10, J, Q and K of the same suit, giving yourself about a 1/13 chance of landing an Ace and getting a huge payment.

If the game does not pay more than 50x your stake for a Royal Flush than these rules do not apply. However, if your return is better than 13x your stake and you only need one card, then weigh-up your odds and test your luck.


If you’re on a losing streak and can’t seem to buy a win, then stop. Adjust, maybe change your game or at the very least take a break. There’s a good chance you’re not doing something right and playing in an angry or frustrated mood is not going to help. If you’re on a winning streak then keep playing.

Gamblers often mix these two up, listening to the old adage that says they should quit when they’re ahead, and then letting their frustration get the better of them and trying to play even more when they’re behind. If you want to make it as a professional gambler or even just a profitable one, then you need to switch these two.

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