Combating Slots Addiction in Canada

Most people think that addiction is only applicable into the overusing of alcohol or drugs but it also produced from actions. You can be addicted to online gaming, video games or even slots. Sometimes this addiction will bring you things that will provide negatively impact your life. For a game like slots, which is often an essential part of Canuck’s daily lives, there are several reasons why you are addicted on this game, and yet one simple solution how to combat them.

Reasons for Slots Addiction

  • There is no skill needed compare to other games. When you play slots, there is no need for you to be professional first as long as you know how to insert money and push the buttons.
  • There is an inspiring prize to get. Slots provide substantial prizes and jackpots, often luring people to play more even when they feel their limits have been reached.
  • When you hit the bonus round, you have bigger winnings, whic can intensify a player’s sense of enthusiasm.
  • The fast nature of slots can lead the players driving within a frequent stream of cash.
  • Dopamine is organic within your brain, which makes you feel good. If you wager, the level of dopamine within your brain will rise. With this, you will be encouraged to continue the game.
  • Slots sounds and images are interesting to your human brain. You will be amazed to know that several of the top companies hire psychologists to help them plan their games in order to be attractive to players.
  • You can find slots everywhere.
  • You can use your ATM cards anytime and anywhere. With this, you will be encouraged to use the money on your account just to play this game.

Signs of Slots Addiction

  • If you are not playing this game you often think of getting back to the pub or casino just to play.
  • You know that you will spend money for paying the bills, but you choose to spend it on slots.
  • Your gaming period’s end-up permanent several hours more that you planned.
  • You become perceptibly nervous, especially when you are incapable to play your preferred game.
  • You spend an aggregate total time in playing this game.
  • You are starting to feel uncomfortable about the amount of time you spend playing.
  • After you have lost bigger amounts of cash, still you decide to withdraw extra funds.
  • You are starting to lie about going to the casino just to play this game.
  • You are not playing this game to have fun, but you make this as your weekly routine.
  • You use to spend your time on this game than to your friends and family.

Tips to Combat Slots Addiction in Canada

If you notice that your addiction with slots is out of control, you need to think for better solution to recover on this problem. Here are the tips that will help you combat slots addiction in Canada.

  • Consider staying in a different hotel. You should remove the temptation to wake up in the middle of the night and go to casino or pub just to play the game. Staying in some hotel without a casino will provide you other activities that will encourage you to forget your addiction with slots. Make sure to choose the room with perfect views and they should have additional services for you, such as stocked mini bar, room service and hot tub.
  • You should understand the probabilities. Slots can provide a greater chance to have big amount of money. However, not all the time you have the opportunity to win it. You should accept that being addicted to this kind of game will not necessarily give you positive results.
  • Make sure to set your time limits. You have the right to have fun with the things that you love to do. However, make sure that you are not doing them all the time. Time limitation is very important because with this, you will know where to spend some of your essential time.
  • You can make it as your additional activity. You can play this game but make sure that you will just consider it as your past time. Do not make this your hobby or as your weekly routine because you are putting yourself down.
  • You should get someone to help you. This is very essential to consider because sometimes your friends or family can help you greatly. They can help you change your bad habits or guide you to the right path. Therefore, it is also better if you choose to share your problems with them.
  • You need to be relaxed and look after yourself. Pokies addiction will make you feel irritated and tense. However, if you teach yourself how to control yourself from this habit, you will know how to be relaxed and see the negative impact of being addict on this activity.
  • You should become a problem solver. Once you become addicted on this game, there are times that you will encounter random of problems. Therefore, you need to know how to handle everything that you have done.
  • Make sure to control your money. It is hard to earn big amount of money, so you need to spend it on an essential things. You should know how to use and control your money.
  • You need to talk about your lies. There is nothing wrong of admitting about your fault, because sometimes it will help you to get up.

Slots addiction will not give you any good results and instead it will be the key to put you down. However, you can find better solutions for this problem. All you need to do is follow those tips given above and you will be guided to do the right thing. This is time for you to change you weekly routine and habits.

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