Why the Online Gambling World is Taking Over in Canada

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Online gambling is said to be taking over Canada and it currently has one of the highest rates of gambling in the world. At this article, we take a look at some of the reasons to explain their love for online gambling.


While playing online, all the decisions are yours. You have the control for everything. Your time, dress and money decision are all yours.

Real Money Gambling

There is not much difference between real money and play money when it comes to online gambling in Canada. People can play and bet using real money and win real money.

Lots of gambling sites in Canada

Since the country’s citizens are fond of online gambling, it is much easier to find online sites that would suit your taste and give you the best service you can get. Many websites also ranks and review Canada’s best gambling sites and gives recommendation on what sites can be trusted.

Free money offer

Yes. Free Money. Some online casinos offers free money after you registered and opened an account. A lot of citizens are attracted to this offer. Bonuses and other offers might also be found on various gambling sites.

Variety of games

Not only one but maybe thousands and millions of types of games can be played anytime. People who tend to get bored by just a single don’t have to worry anymore. Canadian gambling sites have many interesting games you can play.

Interesting sounds and graphics included

Online gambling also feature sounds and graphics that makes playing more fun. It serves as an eye candy that can motivate the players to bet and play more.

Ease of money handling

It is much easier to deposit and withdraw money with the help of advanced technology. You also have constant access to your account’s bonuses and money.

Gambling at international sites made possible

The players can play on in international sites anywhere around the globe that are outside of their legal jurisdiction. Thus, a lot of international gambling sites markets themselves to Canadians for this reason. You can have the best experience you can have from online gambling.

Microgaming software

Online casinos also have microgaming software which provides games for download in a flash. The software helps in making the players have the same experience that they feel when they were playing in the traditional gambling house.

Compete against other players

As there are other players online, you have a chance to compete against hundreds or thousands of other players not only in Australia but all over the world.

No tax included

Canadians don’t have any laws that states that winners of online gambling or just gambling should give part of their winning as a tax. For this reason, Canadian citizens get to enjoy their winning fully. As gambling agencies doesn’t report their user’s winning to the Canadian Taxation Office (CTO), it depends on the winner if they wanted it to be included in their taxes. Therefore, there are no tax obligations for the winner.

Fair Play

Most games observe fair play. It can be expected as most online gambling games have a software generated results. Winners cannot be known beforehand otherwise, they can contact the customer support if ever they sense that there’s an unfair play going on.

No skills required

Some online gambling doesn’t require skills for you to become a winner. You just need to have an ability to decide and judge or you can just base your decision and depend it on your luck.

Downloadable and instant play

Most games are available for download. You just need to install it on your gadget and you can start online gambling. Some also has software that doesn’t even need to be installed. You can play it online and instantly without much hassle.


Canadian sites value the security of your information. They don’t want to compromise your information and destroy your trust. You can be rest assured that the information you give to them won’t be used for other purposes of course if and only if it’ a trusted site. Some gambling websites has high encryption security.

Sports Betting

Racing and other sports events betting also entered the market of online gambling. Internet gambling is not only for those betting their money in virtual games but also in other events where the citizens are interested in watching. Back then, betting for sports events requires people to bet personally but with gambling now available online, you can place your best without even moving an inch from your spot.

Customer Support

Customer support is also included in the services offered on online casinos in Canada. Problems might occur any time of the day. Being it online, customer support is available 24/7. So, even if you encountered problems even during midnight, there’s someone who could help you.

Although citizens of the country are enjoying their time gambling online, an Interactive Gambling Act(IGA) was passed on 2001. It was passed to make sure that the citizens are protected from the harmful effects caused by internet gambling. Precautionary measures have been taken by the Canadian government although the law still contains some flaws.

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