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As of July 29, 2015 Microsoft released its latest Windows OS called Windows 10. This long awaited software has had system vendors, gaming enthusiasts and professionals wondering if they would get the increase in performance and security meant to meet new device and software developments in the market, and while the release was considered late, at last it has come to markets for people of all computer use to enjoy and finally satisfy that craving we have been yearning for from Windows.

Since this is an article related to online casinos, let us first and foremost say what casino is compatible and then elaborate. The answer is Royal Vegas. The reason being that due to the new DirectX 12 technology used that can bump up gaming experience by as much as an estimated 30-40% compared with DirectX 11, gamers are gong to want to take advantage of this feature as much as possible when playing games such as slots that require high performance and are highly graphic. Luckily, Royal Vegas is both compatible for this feature and happens to offer some of the most graphic and real-life experiences in online gambling games that Windows 10 users will want to take advantage.

There is also increased security in Windows 10 that is expected to help kick out bugs and that matches the security parameters found from Royal Vegas nicely. These include the new “Device Guard”, which protects against malicious software and “Next” for enhanced recognition features for signing into applications such as online casinos. Royal Vegas has high protocol for protecting one’s data so adding Device Guard will only make the platform more unique and secure. Royal Vegas does not have any of its own specialized recognition data or methods for signing in but you can do so using “Next” to play real money games, as well as withdraw and deposit funding.

For mobility purposes, Windows 10 now works more seamlessly across multiple devices, making it easier to switch between mobile, tablet and PC applications. Additionally, the new OS allows for an external device such as a smartphone to act as a keyboard for plugging into an even larger device such as a monitor. Typically, if you plug a handset into a device and want to display the image then you will need an external keyboard for playing certain games, but Windows 10 makes sure this is not the case. Royal Vegas is compatible for all of these aspects thankfully and does not distinguish between the ways in which a game is being played on a device.

Cortana is also a newly added feature to Windows 10. This voice-automated search engine function and command/control robot helps you perform a variety of functions ranging from traffic updates all the way to online site access. You can use this service to access Royal Vegas’ site and even plug in your data and credit card information if you desire using voice control, kind of like you do with automated banking services that want you to say your pin or account number over the phone before gaining access to your info.

Windows 10 also gives your PC a new and sleek design that doesn’t have that old boring interface that reminds you of the office. It’s refreshing to see how the applications pop up, and that the user interface are more friendly and customized. The software now runs Parallels Desktop to give you the option of using Linux on your PC simultaneously with Windows, allowing for pleasure and play or work to be divided as you wish more conveniently, and will be free for most users as an upgrade while some with have to cover the US$100 price tag. Windows 10 has low system requirements, which means that it will be more mobile friendly and work more seamlessly across PC devices.

Microsoft also recently sent out notifications stating new users need to download a 1GB file for bug fixes, which quite frankly speaking, was a bit of a shock. For the amount of time put into developing this software and the amount of time we have waited for this you would think Microsoft would have got it right the first time. Nevertheless, most of these bugs are not for security issues and therefore will not affect your online casino playing. Head on over to Royal Vegas and you can still make use of the casino even if your home page is missing some things due to the bugs, and rest assured you can start taking advantage of the site’s $1200 bonus in addition to fun slot games, blackjack action and live dealers.

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