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Parallels desktop has been around since June 2016 and is software designed specifically for along Mac users to access Windows applications such as Internet Explorer. The software acts as a virtual brain in which you can switch to another operating system on your Mac, and does not require that you sign out of your OSX program each time to access it unlike many other free virtual brains.


The software was developed to solve issues with Mac users unable to access certain programs due to compatibility issues. Priced at around US$60, the virtual brain is installed in Mac OSX and takes up about 40GB worth of storage, not including applications. Other applications such as Internet Explorer need to be purchased at an extra cost, and downloaded from Mac OSX where it is then dropped into the virtual brain and ready to be run once activated.


This software is one of those features that only a seemingly small amount of people is aware about. This is not necessarily because Mac fanatics are too in the dark to know, but rather one of the whole reasons why Mac users purchase OSX products is because of the software and encryption found within. Previously, there was more of a demand for cross applications on both Mac and Windows but nowadays almost all applications are both Windows and Mac compatible, as vendors and other operators would lose out on millions if they stuck to their guns for only one operating system. In the past Mac was seen as something alternative but now it is more of a primary computer that is even starting to outsell PCs, proving that OSX may one day be the ultimate mainstream OS.


Compatibility for online casinos these days is actually not an issue, as many name brand casinos such as Platinum Play and Royal Vegas have software that does not discriminate between OSX and Windows as well as tablets, smartphones, or even smart TVs. However, some people like to keep their priorities separated and gambling in a different OS or device so that the casino window isn’t open, taunting them at any given moment to spin a few reels or play a few hands of poker. This is perhaps where your best bet for installing Parallels or using it as a secondary option may come into play the best.


There is also another theory that states certain casinos will give priority to different platforms based on the random number generator built in. What we can say about random number generators is that they are in fact random, and not are proven to give priority to certain devices or operating systems. Some gamblers believe however that if you divide your gambling between a mobile device, PC and a different operating system that you will enhance your chances. They also suggest that you open different accounts for each of the platforms to increase your chances of winning but again we have no proof of this.


We simply like flexibility and variety. Installing Parallels Desktop is convenient mostly for business uses if you are a Mac user but it could potentially provide you with some possible extra earnings should you choose to divide your gambling time between it and another OS. Nevertheless, we recommend Royal Vegas as the best casino for this due to its regulation, wide variety of games and wide compatibility that will suit your every casino needs.



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