Japan will be the first to offer 8K casinos

Due to the push for the 2020 Olympics in Japan coupled with the nation’s continuing efforts to spur new panel growth in the industry as it did for 4K technology, panel makers in the nation are now pushing forth 8K solutions and intend to make them readily available by 2018. This means that all current programming and online games including casinos will be readily available in what is known as Full Ultra HD (FUHD), which will cream the rest of the industry that is still struggling to catch up with 4K solutions.


Currently, the industry across the globe is barely caught up with 4K transmission and TV sales. However, Japan is one of the few countries in the world that has over a 30% penetration for the technology and that number is expected to increase to over 50% by the end of 2015 and further to 70% in 2016, showing that Japanese consumers are among some of the most interested and supportive of new and high-tech technologies in the market. Furthermore, the Japan government is proactive in issuing subsidies to consumers in order to spur local economic growth, and will continue to do so as the Olympics approach, which will be broadcast in 8K in Japan but also across the world for people to view.


This new emerging technology that actually first displayed in the market with small samples in 2011 will allow sports betters and online casino players to make wagers and play games in a resolution format that will knock out all other competitors still struggling to develop 4K. In fact, Japan media has claimed various developers ranging from Sony and its PlayStation console all the way to local casino developers are already beginning to develop related software and viewing platforms to bank even further off of the Olympics development, which may also likely point toward a possible 8K viewing platform for games and casinos in the West in the near future. At the very least it would push makers to release their 4K software solutions, as well as prompt online casino hubs such as Platinum Play to develop compatible 8K gambling software. As of now, Platinum Play and Royal Vegas are the two major 4K casino developers that are aiming to release new platforms over the next 2 years.


8K TV panels are only coming from LG Display and BOE at present. To understand the way the online casino industry works and why it would even react to 8K has to deal first with the devices that sprout in the market. These devices such as TVs, PCs, and smartphones all require their supply chains be in tact and ready for developing such components. To get to that point requires an immense amount of investment and research, as well as overall oversight to logistics management to bring forth a result. Once everything ranging from backlighting to panels all the way to chassis and camera fixtures are in place only then can a vendor put it all together and create their choice of device. At this point the vendor then takes that device and markets it to the public and depending on how popular it becomes will largely shape the outcome of what other software and accessories are built around the device. Hence, with 4K only after TV vendors finally got their products to the market that 4K content followed. 8K will be the same scenario.


It just so happens that many of these leading 8K supply chains are located in Japan and hence local vendors will have quicker access and more knowledge of what kind of software is coming. Online casino makers as well as e-gaming makers plan to make new 8K games in light that gamers are usually the first to upgrade their computer equipment for enhanced experiences, and plan to release it around the same time 8K solutions will be largely appearing in Japan at around 2017-2018.


By 2019, 8K TV applications are expected to reach around 1 million, according to a report from IHS. By then it will be hard to tell whether many casino players will be using TVs for playing or if there will be other devices readily available but either way it looks like gamblers will at least have one method for 8K gambling.

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