Smart TV Casinos – Gambling Action on Large Screens

Web browsing is traditionally thought to be constricted to an old clunky PC that sits in your family room, accessible only by turning the computer on and waiting for it to boot up and link to the internet before web browsing. Later, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets came into play by offering mobile compatible browsing via data plan or Wi-Fi, and now make up approximately 50% of all web browsing on the Internet, according to Google. But one niche that is left out and maintains a limited, yet obvious niche in the market is web browsing via TVs through built-in Apps in Smart TVs.

One niche that is catching on in the smart TV world in particular is casino games, such as slots and roulette. These two games are among some of the most popular online gambling platforms on the web, and are not hard to play. Other games such as shooting games may require additional setups such as controllers and pads to use, but open platforms regardless of the device being used such as Platinum Play and Royal Vegas are ready accessible as long as you have an account and want to play.

A Smart TV from Samsung allows you to enter the web-browsing feature via its Smart Hub and connect you online via a Wi-Fi connection, provided you have that set up already. If so, click on the app and enter the web where you can control the sites and the text you input via the remote control. Once you get to one of these casino home pages you simply type in your account info and can play with the remote controller, using the “Enter” function to control spins and roll dice etc.

This is a great way to get through commercials and also enjoy your gambling on a big screen. If you don’t feel like channel flipping or want to play poker along with the pros as they compete for high stakes in Vegas, use your TV to your advantage. The screen is most likely a nice Full HD or 4K displays that needs to be taken advantage of, and what is even better is that you can incorporate your internal or external speakers into the mix, making it as if you are at a real casino. External speakers with surround sound are great because it exceeds any kind of feeling you get from playing directly in front of computer speakers.

TV internet browsing is just as safe as it is on other devices and the gambling platforms mentioned above are both regulated and operated in accordance with internationally recognized software that protects your data and credit card information. Both are trusted platforms with over 15 years experience on the web, and offer a wide variety of games also ranging to blackjack and craps. For poker, you are best to try the 888 casino.

Smart TVs in addition to wearables like smart watches and smart wristbands are growing applications for gamblers along with smart TVs. These new devices will not replace PCs or other mobile devices but will make an increasingly larger presence in the way people experience casinos online. Developers are probably aware of this and at least have mobile or PC compatible software that will work on a smart TV. There are no specific TV gambling apps as of 2015 but there are web-browsing apps built in that allow you to access any site you may wish to, and hence casino gambling is readily available. Whether it is in your living room, your car, or on the bus, real money gambling is now easier than ever.

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