4K Gambling – The High Resolution Slots Experience

As 4K applications used in TVs are starting to see increasing growth, topping out at nearly 15 million 4K TV panel shipments in the first half of 2015, and expecting to grow another 25 million in the second half of the year, TV technology is becoming the mainstream focus for high resolution viewing not only for movies and TV, but for online gaming as well.


Mobile phones and tablets were previously being pushed as the main devices featuring high-resolution panels and high pixel density, but as the home entertainment sector began to rebound in 2014 coupled with advancements in pushing 4K TVs at affordable prices, consumers have quickly switched back to their original viewing platforms prior to the outburst of smart mobile devices.


Many market observers have anticipated the handset market as the main driver for high-resolution 4K viewing but so far shipments of 4K TVs have more than doubled that of 4K smartphones due to lagging panel technology for handsets. Handset vendors are pushing 4K and working with supply chains to bump up production of such panels, but the issue has lied with panel makers allocating supply to TV panel applications due to the larger amount of panel surface produced and hence, larger amount of revenues collected.


As 4K TVs begin to spread more evenly in the market and as other panel makers from China and Korea have joined the race in 4K panel production, vendors are now able to talk with supply chains to gain access to the technology and begin issuing 4K smartphones more in mass to the public as of the second half of 2015. Don’t expect to see this from Apple but do expect to see more units released from China-based smartphone makers who are actively pushing 4K transmission developments in the nation.


For the Westerner looking to get some 4K viewing action, your best bet is to make use of a smart TV or a device like iMac. On the smart TV side of things, you can make use of the web browser built in that can fully access web pages including live casino games such as Blackjack found on Royal Vegas in addition to live poker from casinos such as 888 Casino or real-life slots from Spin Palace. No specialty apps are needed and formatting can be adjusted to your needs. Otherwise, any kind of Mac applications including iMac with 5K Retina Display technologies can also access these casinos, as they are mac compatible.


The issue with most gambling formats these days is that they are not 4K compatible but yet can be formatted via 4K compression cables specifically bought from electronics markets. These transmission cables format the screen to give the image you are viewing a more condensed version that compresses pixels to produce an image that is similar to what you would see on a 4K TV. While the resulting image is condensed it is the closest thing found that can capture a 4K online casino experience.


Moving into the end of 2015 and heading into 2016 we will see shipments of 4K TVs, smartphones, monitors and notebooks climb in order to meet ongoing developments of 4K as well as to produce more value-added features. There is too much competition in the device industry and software as well as new resolution standards is now becoming the main tools to drive growth. Due to this the casino industry should follow in suite to react to these trends as well as stimulate new demand.


Overall, 4K casinos can be viewed from a multitude of devices that use panel technology ranging from TFT LCD, Quantum Dot, OLED and various other thin-film technologies. Korea and Taiwan panel makers are leading the way in pushing 4K panel production so make sure to keep an eye on their developments in order to understand what devices may be using the technology, which will further determine how platforms such as online gambling games follow.

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