Shooting Stars Gambling – Nature’s Casino Hub

Canada has some of the brightest starry nights in the world. In places like Nova Scotia where there is little pollution one can see the starts vividly even from cites that suffer from mild light pollution. In the summer when it warms up, Canucks can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the weather and camp outdoors. Yet, this feeling is mixed with a bit of animosity, as the urge to stay indoors to continue playing games or gamble online remains. This prevents many people from continuing on with their lives and getting the sunshine they need to stay healthy.


There are alternatives to feed your gambling cravings, however. Gambling indoors is not restricted to your desktop PC and instead can be enjoyed on mobile devices taken outside such as a smartphone. Vendors such as Platinum Play have great software available that is mobile compatible and can be accessed whenever and wherever you go as long as you can connect online.


But there are even healthier alternatives in Canada. When outdoors and it is late, bring a few beers along with you, light a fire and take a break while looking at the stars. At this time the whole universe becomes your hub for creativity, including possibilities for gambling. What we recommend at this time is to also bring along friends and make wagers on one of the most difficult things to prevent- the night sky.


The night sky is one of the most incredible things to look at and is only visible for a short time when we are awake. What’s more over, we seldom choose to look up and notice it, instead looking down at our smartphones as we gamble away. While this is not necessarily bad, why not give your neck a break and look up and see what is going on. Locals in Nova Scotia in fact realize the importance of this and like to make wagers on whether they will see UFOs or shooting stars, and it also gives them an excuse to look up at the night sky to enjoy all its wonder.


In any given night there is going to be some sort of activity. With the trillions of visible stars in the sky it is almost impossible not to see a shooting star. With clear skies in Canada, it is not a matter of if but when you will see one. Place a friendly wager that you will see a certain amount of shooting stars over a certain period or other phenomena in the sky. It will keep you locked on the sky, increase the fun between your friends, and fill that gambling craving you may get while away.


Gambling as such can promote healthy communication and activities for the individuals involved. This will also help you to clear your head and re-think your position before going back to make other real-money wagers on your PC or mobile device. This also gives you an excuse to get out of the house and go somewhere more positive rather than a gambling hall where there are no windows and stingy people. The experience of being outside is always a refreshing one and does wonders on the mind and body.


When doing this real money gambling event outdoors, we suggest you go equipped with enough mosquitos repellant so that your eyes aren’t taken away from your wager line in the sky. Also, unlike a land-based casino there is no need to dress a certain or proper way to bust out the boots and jeans, and enjoy yourself a real night out.


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