Scratch Card Lottery – Why it Exists it Most Countries

There are very few countries in the world that do not have scratch cards. Aside from primarily Muslim-based countries where all forms of gambling are illegal and go against mainstream belief due to various versus in the Quran that speak out against all forms of wagering, most countries have a scratch card system even if gambling is illegal. Even though most online casinos count online scratch cards as part of their gambling lineup, countries do not count scratch systems as casino or gambling related playing, which seems a bit odd. Or is it?

The reality is that scratch tickets are government-operated or state-operated organizations that regulate all sales of tickets, number generators and dispersal of winnings. Even though it may seem like complete luck of the draw, most lotteries do not issue until the jackpots are high and the system has gained enough revenue from whatever lottery is being issued, as to maximize profits and rake in more revenues for the state. These earnings can be used for many state purposes such as cleaning roads or perhaps even schooling, so it is not unreal to think they are part of a state strategy. Most of the time however governments do not tend to report on these earnings publicly so it is hard to tell where exactly the money goes.

Revenues from lottery winnings are also taxed, which means a good portion of the money won goes back to the organization responsible for holding the raffle or scratch card competition in the first place. The government aims to increase revenue as much as it can through taxes and various policies, and scratch cards are but only tiny yet popular avenue that the public tends to neglect.

Ideally, governments would further regulate and have a more active role in the promotion of gambling as to benefit from the ongoing online casino trends that are spurring across the globe, including Canada. While online casinos are regulated here, there are a lot of grey areas that essentially allow for players to skip past taxes on these earnings due to loopholes with international vendors that are located offshores and are not required to report taxes for each and every player. Therefore, it becomes the sole responsibility of the player to report any earnings from online casinos but even this is technically not considered income due to the nature of the industry.

It would be funny to think that governments would set up online casino platforms for locals but the concept in a way already exists, just not with traditional casino games. At the very least, the government could step up efforts to increase profit from locals earning from casino games but this would take a lot of effort and planning. Nevertheless, it is possible since there are smart systems for scratch cards.

Scratch cards are a gamble, as they are based on chance. The argument that scratch cards are based on luck or skill compared with any other game in life is nonsense. Life is a gamble and who is to say what exactly will happen tomorrow in detail? We should all take wagers on life with ourselves and see how far we profit. Chances are we will break even but there is a good chance we will go into the negative. This is the reality with anything and learning how to be responsible is the goal.

Scratch cards will continue to provide revenues for the state and are apparent in countries like Taiwan and China that otherwise outlaw gambling. This game is huge across the globe not only due to its easy play, but also because it is one of the few things people can gamble on. This shows the need for how many people want to gamble and the potential other games could have under a state context. Given the right steps this development could very well come to fruition eventually but for now keep enjoying those scratch cards, because at least you are helping the economy.

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