How Random Number Generators Work in Online Casinos

Random Number Generators (RNGs) are the generators used in online slots as well as land-based slot machines to determine the amount a machine pays back. Originally developed in land-based slots machines, the same premise was used in the online casino industry starting back in the late 90s to mimic a lifelike casino as well as to meet international gambling regulations stating that all slots and other casino games cannot be rigged.

Software providers of online casinos such as Royal Vegas need to be verified from international gaming standards issued by the Malta Authority before becoming legitimate and internationally recognized operators. This includes submitting protocol with detailed information on RNGs for not only slots but other games offered as well. After being tested and improved the casino obtains the authorized stamp of approval, which players should always look for from Malta. Fake casinos tend to not post this or do so in a manner that is fake, so looking into the organization’s website is useful for new info on casinos. Royal Vegas as well as the other sites on Real Money Gambling all meet this standard.

Typically, a casino both online and at a land-based location have payouts over 80% designed into their RNGs. In fact, anything below 80% is often considered cheating, and most online casinos nowadays offer over 90% payouts, with vendors such as Royal Vegas and Spin Palace above the 97% amount. This means for every $100 spent on the site 97% will be handed back. This does not mean that every single person placing money will make at least 97% back, however. In fact, it could be less or it could be more. The generators operate in a way that will pay that amount back but as their name insists, this is done randomly. This means 9 people out of 10 could lose their money in one online sitting while the other makes 97% of that back. If those 9 people all deposited money than likely the amount to be won will be more than your amount played.

This poses a question then – Does using higher amounts of money to play increase my chances of winning? Since the generators need to consider the amount of money put in then the answer is yes, your chances do increase. With every bit more of money inserted the generator amount allocated rises up faster and increases the probability you will win more, particularly for slots. There is even a higher chance for games like Blackjack and Video Poker due to fewer factors influencing the outcome of the game but overall this theory applies to all games.

RNGs cannot be changed randomly, especially not when a player is up in money. These are regulated just as they are in land-based casinos and the chips are only placed at different assigned parts of the year when a casino is under maintenance or if a malfunction occurs, both of which are rare. The generators are typically set in place upon a casino’s establishment and are not changed. This is the case with a vendor such as Royal Vegas who is constantly paying out both new and old players.

RNGs will never reach a 100% payout range, as that would put them out of business and others would lose the opportunity to make money from online casinos. However, a high payout percentage from such reputable vendors is one of the highest in the industry and puts your chances of winning at a much higher probability compared with most land-based operations that use around 80% standards. What’s even better is that your casino operation of choice can be done right from your home on your device and payment method of choice.

The bottom line is online RNGs are safe and are made from sophisticated software and chip technology that is meant to give back, not just take away. Like land-based casinos, the earnings are saved and distributed to the machine associated with the player, which is the online casino account you set up, and further distributed in the form of real money. For online casinos there are a number of methods to claim earnings, including credit cards and debit cards for a wide variety of options and overall safe and secure playing.

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