Blackberry Casino – Compatible OS Gambling Apps 2015

There is a lot of concern over whether Blackberry can be used in the market for accessing online casino games due to the company’s unique OS and app formatting. Luckily, an internationally known casino called Spin Palace has included compatibility for Blackberry ranging from its latest OS 10 software in addition to the company’s current lineup of smartphones such as Classic, Leap and Passport.

Back when Blackberry entered the market in the late 1990s online casinos were just starting to develop. The iPhone had yet to hit the market and smartphone concepts were still foreign to most online software developers, including mobile app and web browsing compatibility for gambling sites. As such smart devices grew momentum in the market and took off in the early to mid 2000s, smartphone developers opened their doors to third-party software developers. In light of this trend, casinos reacted quickly by developing sites that could support mobile devices and further developed apps by 2006 into 2007 that could be directly downloaded into one’s phone.

Although Blackberry did not initially allow for outside apps to be downloaded into its smartphones, this later changed as the ecosystem built around these new mobile phones demanded such access to bring out the phone’s fullest value. Apple was allowing third party apps for its iOS via direct download or through iTunes, and other vendors such as Samsung followed through increased cooperation and developments with Android, which put pressure on Blackberry to rethink its strategy.

Over the years, Spin Palace was one the first to take on Blackberry compatibility with its online platform, offering its full range of games such as video poker, slots and baccarat to all mobile users, setting itself above the crowds for building a reputation not only for user-friendly mobile usage, but also due to its experience-friendly casino that offers generous paybacks and easy deposit options. Blackberry users can also make use of the casino’s live dealer while on the go, and rest assure that all touch functions or screen usage diversity from Blackberry will work in a seamlessly.

Blackberry has released several models over the years but is widely known for its recent flagship models. Below is a list of each one with our recommendations in regards to what casino games we think are suitable and why.


Featuring a 5-inch HD display and some of the longest battery power on the market, Blackberry Leap offers casino downloading software apps via Spin Palace’s site that connects via Android compatibility. This is a direct download, and casino games can be played for real money once your account has been registered and your payment information verified. Because this device comes equipped with Flex shell stand technology, allowing it to remain upright and an impressive 16GB of memory, this is the highest performing device in Blackberry’s lineup. This makes it suitable for games that require high specifications, memory and overall processing speed so slot machines are arguably the top choice for us when it comes t utilizing this smartphone.

Blackberry Passport

This smartphone is meant to mimic the width and overall size of a passport. Since it is wider than pretty much any other smartphone on the market, this screen size gives you a clear view of games that typically require large screen space, most notably video poker. Spin Palace poker machines are fun to play and the larger screen allows you to immerse in a lifelike experience of casino playing whereas other games such as blackjack do no necessarily require this larger peripheral. With 30 hours of battery life and a touch sensitive screen that allows for those big thumbs to operate more easily, this device is unique both in everyday life and for online casinos.


The Blackberry Classic is best suitable for blackjack and baccarat where you need sturdy and easy control access for controlling casino functions. In some games if your finger slides too far on the screen you may very well hit the wrong area and cost yourself the game. This traditional smartphone with built-in keyboard technology and the smallest screen that Blackberry has to offer is suitable for these two casino games due to the peripheral vision required. The games also require the least amount of performance from a phone, so neither the quality of the game or the performance of your phone will be sacrificed.

Blackberry Developments

The future of Blackberry does not look entirely promising but nevertheless the phone provider will have a niche. The company’s shipments peaked back in 2010 with the rise of the smartphone market but have since been on the decline yearly due to over saturation. In 2014, shipments for accumulative Blackberry devices reached less than 25 million to make up about 2% of the market and are expected to fall even more each year until 2020 when the smartphone market is estimated to reach around 2 billion.

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