Casinos are bumping up security with Ultra HD surveillance

Land-based casinos are starting to move toward Ultra HD (4K) surveillance equipment for monitoring table games due to advantages the technology has in resolution and clarity, according to a new report from Source Security.

The report said the new equipment also features wider angle viewing that does not sacrifice image quality like most HD and Full HD surveillance cameras. Instead of having 4-5 cameras per table due to the narrow viewing field and limited resolution, casinos can now minimalize efforts through new wide-angle 4K security cameras that will transmit higher-quality imagery to security booths as well as capture larger viewing areas.

The casinos of course will also have to invest in 4K-monitor support in order to view what the surveillance picks. The report did not state the monitor brand of choice but whichever one it is will benefit from these new developments as the monitor market is expected to decline another 10% in 2015- it’s fourth year of on-year declines.

Land-based casino security differs from the online world. In land-based casino games such as blackjack players are able to perform card counting, an illegal activity that is meant to beat the house odds by knowing the card result before it is displayed. While most of the time players know the ramifications of card counting some are simply swayed by greed and are willing to risk it all. Installations of security cameras and on-the-floor personnel aim to help prevent this behavior, but this requires 24-7 observation through limited scopes. 4K will help ease the burden put onto personnel having to watch the casino floor, as the amount of monitors required would reduce in half, as well as pick up more minute details otherwise hard to follow from HD monitors.

Online casino playing is different in terms of security. The only thing a player needs to worry about is whether their credit information gets approved. In order to play any casino for real money this process needs to be completed and certified by the casino before giving you permission to enter, so essentially to obtain this you are already certified and can begin. For most card games including Blackjack where the player is up against the machine driven by a random number generator, the results are just as one would assume – random. There are specific target amounts for revenues that need to be distributed back to players for legal purposes but this occurs in accordance with the generator’s algorithm. Therefore, there is no reason for online platforms to worry about players cheating unless they see someone trying to hack the algorithm.

With a live dealer there is a possibility that a player could card count in a game of blackjack, however. This means that online platforms have an advantage over land-based facilities since there are no cameras to monitor your activity. If anything, this is a major loophole in the online casino world that has yet to be addressed, and the attitude among casinos is that most players will not go to such extents even if it is possible. We certainly do not encourage you to cheat but we are saying this is a factor that appears to not have been resolved, including casinos such as Royal Vegas and Spin Palace.

For the player at home wanting to monitor his own casino playing, make sure to look into a new iMac or one of the many new Samsung 4K monitors released. Many of these new units have been specifically designed for gaming, and offer curved screens for increased viewing. Royal Vegas is also on the fringe of creating 4K content, as are many other software developers including online casino makers so the investment is worth it.

Heading into 2016 casinos will continue to crack down on fraud as they continue to see revenues fluctuate due to an influx of people switching to online platforms. No one likes the feeling of being spied on all the time and if there is a lot of pressure put on at a casino then players may overwhelmingly stick to playing in their homes where they can do so at their own comfort.

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