What Virtual Reality Means for Online Gambling

Virtual Reality (VR) is expected to make one of the biggest marks in the gaming industry since the introduction of gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. With new devices such as Oculus Rift entering the market, software developers and content makers involved with video games, TV shows and online gambling platforms are now re-thinking their strategies as to how they can create compatible and interactive content that will fuel new gaming experiences.


On the gambling side of things we expect to see several new prospects emerge, most notably in the sports segment. VR is expected to connect to real-time sports playing in which the viewer will get to choose viewing angles. Traditionally, viewers have been limited to whatever the cameraman puts in front of them, including side-court shots in basketball or stadium views for football. Viewers however now want to take control into their own hands and choose where they are viewing each minute by a control of a button that allows them to navigate across various points for sporting events. The idea is to have VR setups installed throughout all sporting events to allow viewers to see unique angles such as the sports bench areas, broadcasting areas, or even concession stand areas if they are interested while at the same time eliminating camera crews.


Imagine you were betting in real time and wanted to get a closer look at the formation on a certain play. Or perhaps you are wondering what the tone of a certain team is while warming up and could access their drills before a game starts in order to better access a bet. This is the value that VR brings to the sports community and it just so happens it could vastly influence the way gamblers interact with their wagers and sports books provided there was some sort of multi-cross platform for development.


The industry speculates that more casino software developers and gambling hubs are developing VR content for their sites that would also bring real games to life. We have already begun to see Oculus Rift compatible casinos pop up but they are still in the infant stage and cannot be played for real money. However, this may change as more people switch away from mobile and PC applications for gaming and instead look into alternative solutions such as headgear.


We also expect software developers to incorporate more real-money competitive games such as shooting games, and perhaps even real-money Wii games like tennis and Ping-Pong that can be played against other competitors based on certain conditions. Users could hook up their VR console and connect via online where their account info is saved and they can play for real money. As we have advocated before, gamers want to turn their hobbies into a money-making reality, which not only would benefit them, but the platforms hosting the tournaments could take their cut as well. This opportunity could be fueled by the VR industry in accordance with software developers and even sports organizations where everyone could get a cut of the action.

We also envision a global experience to be offered from the VR world. Imagine you want to play a VR casino but not limit it to one casino room. Reputable vendors could create virtual replicas of areas across the world such as Macau’s Venetian-based facilities including gambling tables, restaurants and even shows featured. Perhaps you want to also see what gambling culture is like in Singapore but cannot fly over there to partake in it. Using VR as a means to capture the experience and turn it into something profitable is not that far off in the distance.


We also think VR games could utilize virtual currencies such as Bitcoin in which players can pay and collect money instantly via the decentralized playing since the currency is also decentralized. This would allow for more players to get involved in places such as China where trying to configure banking accounts for real-money playing is too complicated and met with an insurmountable amount of barriers. Yet, with a little bit of effort these walls could come down easily provided there is more strategy.


The closest thing you will get to virtual gaming in the meantime is through a casino platform called Royal Vegas where games such as horseracing and racecar games can be played. There is also the option of using your 3D TV to be play slots games through Spin Palace or you can try some of the free casino apps Oculus has to offer for fun.

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