What Does tvOS mean for the Gambling Industry?

The news of Apple TV opening up future third-party developments in order for users to specialize their TV viewing experience shook the entire industry when Apple made the announcement at its September 2015 event. For many applications running under third-party apps such as gambling platforms and sports betting sites, they have been neglected from developing into the home entertainment center due to restrictions preventing open app download and usage. Apple however hinted that it believes the future of TV watching as well as entertainment as a whole will continue to revolve around apps in conjunction with peoples’ living rooms. It only makes sense then that Apple would combine these forces and present them in the new Apple TV with a service called tvOS as a solution, which will allow for a whole new world of industries to further develop their ecosystem into peoples’ living rooms.

Incorporating this tvOS as the App store for one’s TV brings the same experience that users of iPad or iPhone obtain when downloading songs, movies and playing games form iTunes. The gaming aspect is huge because Apple will essentially allow for its Apple TV box to act as a console for bringing video games onto the big screen without the need for extra hardware. Further, instead of having to stream content from one device onto the TV via an external device such a smartphone, the Apple TV will allow such gambling app content from BetOnline to be directly displayed onto the TV from the tvOS app store. This is huge for people who spend a lot of time watching TV or movies, and yet want to combine hobbies such as online gambling that previously operated on separated devices due to lack of app access on set-top boxes or smart TVs.

We are not sure however whether Apple will change its policy and allow for real money gambling apps to be downloaded directly from its osTV store. However, since platforms such as BetOnline and Royal Vegas have apps that can downloaded via their website into iTunes we assume you will have access to the same content via your Apple TV and osTV. This is revolutionary compared with smart TVs and their app centers, as they do not necessarily incorporate third-party apps.

Possible Reasons Why Third Party Apps Are Not Allowed

TV vendors were trying to monopolize the market by offering their own built-in services in their brand smart TV products. Consumers in fact became increasingly upset over this due to the limitations that dictated what they could and could not download, resembling that of when the iPhone first was releases, which didn’t allow for more than one telecom provider to be used. This type of thinking has stagnated sales in the TV market, especially for the Apple TV. Apple has since realized the value of such a device is only useful as much as it can access content, so while it may push down Apple services it will push up sales figures on the hardware end.

Accessing something like an app for gambling, an industry worth way into the billions of dollars, builds value for devices. Apple realized that if it can allow for these types of services to be accessed more seamless its ecosystem would improve as well. Now, sports betters and casino players alike can include these apps into their TV setup while watching real-time content or while taking a break between commercials. This is the perfect setup for the sports betting industry in particular, which may see a boost in revenues as a result of this trend.

Possible Trends

The sports better or casino player enjoys multi-tasking will be able to do so while using their TV. Potentially, app developers in the betting industry might develop with other content providers such as MLB or the NBA to create some sort of real-time streaming content that helps enhance a gambler’s look at a certain match or game. Content developers could work together to make a cut by promoting each other’s services due to latest Apple’s Metal services for developers. There are many possible ways to extend and expand revenues from this type of ecosystem that revolves around entertainment in the living room.

With the rise of increased resolution in TVs coupled with the most advanced surround sound stereo systems being produced for this field, we believe the gambling industry will develop the most in the TV niche. Taking a fun casino game or sports betting to a large screen with clean sound, crisp resolution and easy access to multi-app compatibility will replace desktop applications in the future, and will be the core center of computing with smartphones. Casino applications have benefits a lot from incorporating smartphone and tablet apps into their lineups so it is foolish to think this strategy will not work in the TV segment.

Overall, we expect more open development of TV apps as a result of Apple’s tvOS in accordance with its Apple TV. Android is sure to follow and we expect to see it incorporated more into more smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony etc. in the future.

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