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First played in the US in the 1930s, and also known by names such as Call and Bridge, Spades is a a “trick-taking” card game that is typically played between four players but can also be played with just two. The game is played with a single deck of either 52 or 54 cards and one session can last as long as a couple of hours. This is a game of skill, strategy and a little luck, a combination that makes this a very popular gambling game.

The Basics

Spades is very similar to games like Whist and Hearts, and if you know how to play them then you won’t have much of an issue learning this game. It is so-named because the Spade suit trumps all others, making it the strongest and the most effective suit in the deck. In this sense, it is also closely related to Trumps and Trump Suit, but there are minor differences that make this game unique.

Spades is a relatively easy game to learn and is believed to have been invented as a simplified version of Bridge. It is said that if you can play Bridge then you can play Spades, and if you can play Spades then you can play Bridge.

The Rules

Most online games of Spades, such as the one available on BetOnline, are played between two players. The first step in such a game is when each player takes turns in choosing their cards, accepting a card or discarding it for the next one. After they have their cards then the game begins with the player placing one card down. It can be any card as long as it is not a spade, and once it is down then the players continue to match the suit by playing more. If they can not, then they can play any card they wish.

The “trick” goes to the player who plays the highest value spade, and if no spade is played then the winner is the person who played the highest card of any other suit. A total score remains on the screen throughout the game so that you can keep track, and once you each a certain score or a certain amount of tricks, then the game is over and you can collect your money. The amount of money you win and the score you need to reach is all specified prior to the start of the game.

Real Money Spades

Spades is a very easy game to play. It was created to be easier than similar games, games that were not particularly difficult to start with. If you have any experience of those similar games, or any other card games for that matter, you should be able to jump right in and play straight away. If not, it won’t take you very long to learn. Read through the rules on this page to get to grips with the basics, and then head for a site like BetOnline, where you can play online Spades for real money. You can bet as little or as much as you want, so don’t feel like you need to go all-in to begin with. In fact, there is also a “fun play” version of the game available, so if you don’t want to lose any money as you learn the game, then you don’t need to. Just be sure to switch to real money play when you have improved your game, otherwise you’ll be wasting good time, good hands and good play on nothing.


Remember that a spade can trump all other high cards, which means that a low spade will beat a high heart, club or diamond. This means that how you play your high cards is essential to whether you win the game or not, and if you get them wrong, if you play a single card too early or too late, then you could set yourself on a path to lose the entire game.

The best players typically play from the ace down of all non-spade suits. Always lead with the worst suit and the highest card, and you can go from there. Managing your spades is also essential, because this is the suit and these are the cards that will decide whether you win or lose. Try and save your spades until the end of your hand or use them to cut non-spades if you can. However, if you have any high cards in the spade suit, feel free to use them relatively early in order to win some tricks and to force your opponent to play their spades. After all, they will be looking to hold onto their spades as well, and if you can draw them out and into play, then you can gain an upper hand.

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