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Also known as Tunk or Knot, Tonk is a card game that combines skills and features from other popular games to create something that can be played quickly and is relatively easy to learn. It takes just 15 minutes on average for a full session of Tonk and it can be played by as many as 6 players or as few as 2. There is a strong degree of luck involved with Tonk, certainly more so than games like Gin Rummy or Poker, but skill is also very important here, as is knowledge of the game. Tonk is known as a “matching” card game and is played with a single deck of 52 cards.

The Basics

Tonk is very rarely played when there is no money at stake. It began life as a gambling game and continues as one to this day. It is very similar to a game known as Conquian, which is said to have originated in Spain many centuries ago, but it also bears strong similarities to other “matching” card games. There is a lot of uncertainty about the origins of this game, but it is fair to assume that the fundamentals of Tonk, which exist in many similar games, have been around almost as long as the French-style playing cards that are used to play the game.

The Rules

The bets are usually agreed upon before the game is played, with the stake set by all of the players involved, who all agree to pay the winner of the game. A single game can consist of a number of hands and the whilst it is recommend for between 2 and 6 players, it is most commonly played with 3.

In a game of Tonk, as with games of Gin Rummy, all of the cards have a point value. The ace counts as one, and all of the cards that follow carry a value in relation to their face value. All face cards are worth ten points.

Each player is dealt between three and twelve cards, with the former being for the maximum players and the latter for the minimum players. For a game played with 3 players, five cards are typically dealt to each player. The dealer then places the remaining cards (known as the “stock”) in the middle of the table, taking one from the top and placing it next to this pile in a face-up position.

As soon as players have received their cards, they will run a count. If they have 50, then they are required to say “Tonk” and they win twice the agreed upon stake from each player. If this happens to more than one player, then the money is taken from the other players and split between the winners.

From that point on, the goal is to get rid of all of your cards, forming sets or straights of three or four cards. A set is 3 or 4 cards of the same numerical value, whilst a straight is a successive streak of cards of the same suit, such as 2c, 3c, 4c and 5c. During each turn a player is required to pick-up one card from either of the two piles in front of them, and to either discard that card, or to keep it and discard another onto the face-up pile.

Unlike similar games, which simply shuffling the cards if the stock runs out, when this happens in Tonk the game is over and the player with the fewest points wins.

Real Money Tonk

If you want to play Tonk for real money online, then head for BetOnline. Here you can play a virtual version of the game, following all of the rules mentioned above. Standard strategy applies here as much as it does in any other game and if your luck is in, if you understand the game and if you play for long enough, then you can win a lot of money. If you are new to the game and would prefer to ease your way into it, then simply play the free version of the game instead, which uses the same setup as the real money version, only without the added risk. Once you’ve gained a better understanding and have picked-up some tricks and tips, then you can move onto the real thing.


Unlike Gin Rummy there is no desperate need to get rid of your high value cards. If someone else finishes, then they automatically win, regardless of the points you hold in your hand. However, if the stock pile is dwindling then you should do your best to discard all big cards, limiting the damage that you will take and potentially gifting you the win.

Achieving “Tonk” is purely down to luck in this game, but with some expert strategy and some patience, you can win the main game if it comes to that.

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