Smarter Gambling: Get More Bang for your Buck at the Casino

While every casino gambler has dreams of walking away with a life-altering amount of money in their pocket, we all know it’s not a realistic goal. Yet we still travel to the casinos or log onto internet gambling websites, because the entertainment value is worth the price we might spend to have such a good time.

Tips to Extend Your Casino BankrollIt doesn’t take a mathematical savant to know that the odds of leaving the casino with a higher bankroll than you started aren’t in our favor. The casino always has the edge. But we also know that – despite the guarantee that the casino will make money from most of us – some players are going to walk away richer.

That’s just one of the factors that drive us to gamble. Another more dominant factor is the fun we experience while doing it, and the longer we can make that fun last – without exceeding our affordable bankroll – the better.

With that in mind, here’s a few tips to help make your bankroll last longer. And don’t worry, it doesn’t involve going to college for a degree in mathematics. Yes, knowing the odds and probabilities of winning each game we play is a huge plus, but not everyone wants to calculate odds at the casino.

Place Minimum Bets

This should be a no-brainer. If the table games have a minimum bet limit of $5, there’s no reason to place a $10 or $25 chip in the betting circle. Likewise, playing the penny slots will keep your bankroll entact longer than a $1, $5 or $10 per-play slot machine.

Be careful, however, when playing penny slots, because they can be more expensive than you think. If there are 50 paylines on the reels, you’ll be spending $0.50 per play to activate them all. Instead, look for a penny slot with no more than 9 to 20 paylines.

Pace Yourself

Many players, especially at the slot machines, find their bankroll dwindling all too quickly. The problem with slots is that each spin lasts only a few seconds. With the press of a button, more money is siphoned away.

The key here is to switch slot machines frequently. Unless you’ve found a machine that’s paying well and often, keep moving around the gaming floor to ensure you’re increasing the amount of time spent, not the money.

You may even want to try video poker instead. This game requires a bit of thinking, but not so much as to hurt your brain. Ultimately, each play will last a lot longer than a spin of the reels, with equal (if not better) odds and just as much entertainment value.

Take a Break

Don’t gamble constantly while you’re at the casino. Most resorts have a lot of sites worth seeing. If it’s a racebook, head out and watch the ponies run for a bit, or go for a walk outside for fresh air.

Grab a bite to eat. The snack bar is a relatively cheap way to accomplish this, and be sure to take your time while eating. There’s no rush to get back to the gaming floor. It never closes!

Join the Players Club

This perfunctory task has a lot of benefits and can extend your bankroll in several ways. For one, a players club card collects comp points that can be redeemed for free credits in the casino. It can also deliver perks that have nothing to do with gambling, like free or discounted meals (see Take a Break above).

Players Club members often receive mailouts that give them similar benefits; anything from a free meal or hotel stay, to $10+ in free slots play. Staying and/or playing on the casino’s dime is by far the best way to extend your bankroll and increase your entertainment at the casino.

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