Zombie Apocalypse Pays Off in Microgaming’s new Lost Vegas Slots

You’re driving through the hot, dry desert of Nevada. The destination – Las Vegas. Every mile that spins off your tires is another shot of adrenaline as you can almost taste it – the bright, shimmering lights, the ringing of slot machines, the vibrant personality that courses through the undulating veins of The Strip itself. But as you steer ever closer to the city, you notice something strange. The lights of the famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas‘ sign are not lit. The streets are not teeming with traffic. The city is… dead? No… not dead… it’s undead!

The Zombie Apolalypse is upon us! Or, at least in Lost Vegas, it is.

Lost Vegas Slots

That’s the theme, and name, of Microgaming‘s newest online slots creation. The world’s leading interactive games developer has taken today’s undying fascination with zombies to a whole new level in its fleshiest game ever, Lost Vegas Slots.

Lost Vegas Slots

In this 5 reel, 243 ways to win, Zombie Apocalypse-themed reel spinner, players will attempt to survive the streets of Sin City as creepy, zombified versions of popular Las Vegas characters, led by the incomparable Zombie Elvis Impersonator (of course!), attempt to devour their brains.

But wait – it’s just a game, right? So why not forget the living and join the undead creatures in their ravenous intent to relieve the human survivors of their cerebral cortex? That’s right, this game just got a lot more interesting!

Lost Vegas Slots allow players to choose which side they want to be on – the Survivors, or the Zombies. The selection won’t effect the base game, and players are free to change sides any time – and as many times – as they wish, while in the base game. But the choice will directly alter how Lost Vegas Bonus experiences are played out.

Lost Vegas Slot: Survivors Free Spins Bonus

Lost Vegas Slot SurvivorsThe Survivors team is made up of a policeman, golfer, mobster, hotel clerk and what we can only assume is a Vegas Strip ‘Call Girl’. As Survivors, players will partake in special bonus features that include a randomly triggered Blackout Bonus, and the Free Spins Stash Feature.

The Blackout Bonus can be activated following any losing spin. When it happens, the screen goes black, and the viewpoint of night vision goggles takes over. The goggles scan the screen to find hidden cash beneath the reels. If there happens to be just one Hazard Scatter symbol on the reels when this happens, free spins will also be awarded.

The Stash Feature also delivers free spins, but you’ll need 3 Scatters to appear on the reels in a single spin to trigger them. The Stash Features eliminates all of the game’s lower paying symbols – those generic playing card ones – in cascading reels fashion. As those symbols crash down, other, higher paying symbols take their place to ensure that all wins are good ones.

Lost Vegas Slot: Zombies Free Spins Bonus

Lost Vegas Slot ZombiesFor the Zombies, consisting of a flesh-deficient Evils Impersonator, Las Vegas Showgirl, Tourist, Nurse, and a couple of High Rollers, they get their own random bonus and free spin features.

The Zombie Fist of Cash bonus can trigger at the end of any losing spin, wherein an enormous, decrepit hand stretches up from beneath the reels with a fist full of cash. Again, if a single Scatter is on the reels when this happens, free spins are awarded.

The Zombies special free spins come with the Infection Feature. During these free spins, each Zombie symbol stacks on the reels and contagiously infects each of the symbols around it. This feature is a lot more volatile than in Survivors mode, but can be well worth it for consistent players. The chances of winning anything are reduced, but if that infection spreads far enough, the payout can become terror-ifically enormous.

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