The Truth Behind Ways To Win Slots

If you’ve been playing online slots games for any length of time, chances are you’ve come across what’s been popularized as ‘Ways to Win Slots‘. These games were first introduced by Microgaming about a decade ago, and they’ve grown immensely in popularity.

Interactive games developers keep on producing them, and online gamblers keep on playing them, but who’s really benefiting here. Learn the truth behind Ways to Win slots, and why Microgaming and other companies are pumping them out so fast.

Are Ways To Win Slots Good for Players?

Ways To Win SlotsThere are gamblers out there that are in it for the win, and those that do it for the ‘big‘ win. Most often, it’s those that are in it for any win at all that are attracted to ways to win slots.

These machines work is by eliminating the standard use of ‘paylines‘, and replacing it with every possible way to win. By doing so, players aren’t paying per payline, as they normally would, but rather placing a single bet size, of their choosing, which is then divided among all possible ways to win.

The original ways to win slots offer players “243 Ways to Win” (some offer more than a thousand ways these days). On a 243 Ways game, a bet of $1 would be divided by 243, for a corresponding wager of about $0.004 per line. Thus, if a player were to win a payout of 10 credits, they would actually receive $0.04.

There’s both good news and bad news here. The good news is that ways to win slots tend to deliver a lot of winning combinations at once. If 20 different lines hit for a 10 credit win, it lights up the screen and looks like a nice payout. The bad news is, that only adds up to $0.80, which is still a $0.20 loss overall.

In essence, these games make players feel like they are winning by delivering a constant stream of payouts, when in reality, more often than not, they are losing more money than they are betting.

So, as I said before, if you’re the type of player that’s only in it for the thrill of winning anything at all, ways to win slots may be right up your alley. But they aren’t all bad, either.

The Good Thing About Ways To Win Slots

Every online slots game is programmed with a payout percentage that gives the house an edge. This means that, no matter what type of game you play, you’re most likely to lose money. Because of this, slots should be enjoyed for entertainment purposes only, not as a means of making money. And if you enjoy the constant inflow of small winnings – which can at least keep your bankroll intact for a longer period of time – there’s nothing wrong with playing these games.

It’s not that they don’t offer some huge payouts, either. They just don’t offer them very often. Ways to win slots are always set with a low variance, so they are going to pay out very small amounts, very frequently, but they can deliver bigger prizes as well.

If a player happens to hit a few really good symbols, such as expanding wilds, or wilds with multipliers, on the first and second reels, the payout can become astronomical. As I said, it’s rare, but it does happen.

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