Betting on Blackjack: How to Get Comped

We’ve all seen the big Hollywood movies, depicting high-class gentleman in Armani suits betting on blackjack, roulette or baccarat. They usually win, too. Reality isn’t scripted in Vegas, but there are some things we may be able control, like valuable casino comps – if we play our cards right.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a wealthy, sophisticated, professional gambler to earn a succulent meal or a free night in a luxury suite. You just have to appear to be wealthy and sophisticated. Convince just one member of upper staff that you’ve got money and are willing to spend it, and they’ll be eating out of your hands.

The Power of Significs

Betting on Blackjack EtiquetteCasino employees are trained to watch out for high rollers. Convincing them you’re a VIP-level player is a simple matter of significs, or the semiotic relationship between signs and what they denote.

In essence, people see (and believe) what they expect to see.

Walk in the doors with a finely pressed suit, perfectly trimmed head/facial hair, and a lovely lady on your arm, and it sets off their sensors before you even make your way to the casino floor. You won’t be approached with comp offers at this point, but continue to exude the air of a comp-worthy patron, and the results can be astounding.

Looking The Part

There will be hundreds of people betting on blackjack. You won’t get anywhere if you can’t stand out among that crowd.

If you don’t have a fine suit, you need to get one. Even if it’s a rental or borrowed, pulling off the right look is imperative. Get a tight, business-professional hair cut and some good styling gel (not the flaky stuff).

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if all this work doesn’t give you a look of sophistication – maybe you are overweight, underweight, or, for lack of a better term, too nerdy to sophisticate – you’ll need a sexy lady on your arm to complete the ensemble.

Even if you have to convince your sister, or a friend’s sister, to play the role, make it happen. Surely they’d love to stay in a swank, penthouse suite as much as you would. And if a less than handsome gentleman has a far more beautiful woman by his side, the casino will have no trouble believing you’re beyond wealthy.

Securing a Bankroll

This part is entirely up to you. You must be able to buy a substantial number of chips, at least a few thousand dollars worth. I would never suggest borrowing this kind of money. Betting on blackjack may afford the lowest house edge, therefore highest odds of holding onto that cash, but there is always a risk in gambling.

To put it simply – don’t do anything stupid.

Betting on Blackjack Etiquette

Finally, you need to be well educated in blackjack. I don’t just mean you need to know the rules of the game, either. You need to learn perfect strategy and the proper etiquette to use when betting on blackjack.

Never play out of turn, never touch the chips once their on the table, and for God’s sake, never ask the dealer for instructions on anything. Your job is to exude ultimate sophistication. You are a veteran blackjack player who knows all the rules and never hesitates to make a decision. If you can’t pull this off, you’ll have failed before you ever stepped foot in the casino.

Step one, practice perfect strategy online or at home with a few friends. Unless you’re already a math whiz, don’t worry about card counting – just the basics will do.

What do you do when dealt a 12 with the dealer showing a 6? What if you have 17 and the dealer is showing 10? You must be able to answer these question and more in a split second, and play your hand accordingly.

This notifies the casino that you know what you’re doing, but more importantly, it guarantees the lowest possible house edge. Even if you don’t win any money here, the real goal is not to lose any. The profit comes from the comps.

Your demeanor is as important as your skill in betting on blackjack. Losses don’t bother you, and wins are nothing more than are whimsical fancies. There’s no pouting or excessive celebration allowed. Play it cool, like money means little to you, and the casino will be more than happy to comp you everything they can in hopes of getting their greedy hands on the fortune they think you possess.

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