Live Casino Game Speed Roulette new from Evolution

New Live Casino Game Speed Roulette by Evolution GamingI remember as kids, sitting on the merry-go-round with my friends as we chanted to the one or two who were pushing us round, “Faster! Faster! We need a new master!” Those memories came flooding back to me when I tried Evolution’s newest Live Casino game, Speed Roulette.

It is undeniably swift. A new round of betting begins every 25 seconds, making Speed Roulette, by all insider accounts, the absolute fastest live casino roulette game in the world.

It can be played on all platforms, including Linux, Mac and PC desktops, plus Android, iOS and Windows powered smartphones and tablets.

While the standard rules and betting options of the game remain unchanged, a few general rules of etiquette were adjusted to accommodate the more expedient game play. Anyone looking to get in a few quick rounds of play between everything else their daily lives throws their way should really appreciate this new live casino game.

Evolution Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter explained:

Speed Roulette is now the world’s fastest Live Roulette game and is a great addition to our extensive suite of Roulette products. There are no changes to the core game that players know and love, we have just made it much quicker.”

Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming

The wheels for Evolution’s new Speed Roulette tables are custom designed by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, and have been installed in the company’s live casino studio in Riga, Latvia. A number of cutting-edge cameras are strategically positioned in locations around and above the tables to give players an immersive, cinematic experience.

To ensure the fastest possible game play, each of Evolution’s Speed Roulette dealers are specially trained to keep the games moving. Making certain the wheel is spun once every 25 seconds, as advertised, a few common rules of table etiquette had to be altered.

No Dead Time; Instant Number Recognition

This new live casino game eliminates what veteran roulette players refer to as “dead time”; or the amount of time given to players to place their bets before the wheel is spun. In Speed Roulette, instead of calling for ‘No more bets‘ before setting the wheel in motion, all players are allowed to place their bets while the wheel is spinning.

The dealer is also permitted to announce the winning number before the wheel comes to a complete stop. So in fact, the wheel is pretty much always spinning

Early win calls are achieved by Evolution’s integration of a video-based number recognition tool. No cheating here, ether. Through the live-streaming video feed, players can clearly see that the ball has stopped, and which number it’s landed on.

Speed Roulette vs Traditional Live Roulette

Compared to Evolution’s other roulette live casino games – Live Roulette and Immersive Roulette – Speed Roulette is so fast, it gives players the opportunity to play 50 more games per hour. Otherwise, the rules and betting diagram are exactly the same.

Players can wager on the same popular even-pays like black/red, odd/even and high/low, or go for the higher payouts on dozens, rows, streets, quads and the ever-desirable single-number bet. The game follows the rules and house edge of the preferred European-style, single-zero roulette.

As Haushalter noted, this new live casino game – in all its expedient glory – is nothing more than a faster way to play the beloved game of roulette. Evolution’s new tables are available to all desktop and mobile players, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Royal Vegas and all other Evolution-powered online casinos.

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