Choosing the Best Online Slots Games

Online Slots Games, the best online slots for real moneyHave you ever taken a moment to count, or even estimate, just how many online slots games are available these days? There are thousands upon thousands of them! Over the years, dozens of big-name software developers have each created hundreds of online slots for real money play.

You’d be a fool to think they are all created equally. Some carry immense progressive jackpots. Others are designed with intense 3D graphics. And of course, many have much higher payout ratio’s than others.

So many online slots games – which one should you choose? You could pick the one whose theme appeals to you most. A lot of players do. But there’s more to be considered. Unfortunately for us – not the online casinos that host them – that’s almost always a bad idea.

If you’re going to play online slots for real money, here’s a few tips to get your started in the right direction.

View the Online Slots Game’s Paytable

Understanding how to win, and how much you can win, on a slot machine, is the most important aspect of all. If the game has more than a dozen symbols, and the majority of them pay very low amounts – lower than it costs to spin the reels – you can expect it to have a low variance.

Low variance means it will hit lots of winning combinations, but they will rarely pay above cost. That’s great if you’re in it for entertainment. Your bankroll will usually stretch farther. But the odds of hitting a big win – not so good.

Cost To Play All Coins

It’s always better to play max coins in online slots games. How many coins will it take to activate all paylines, and at what domination will you have to pay for them? Can your bankroll afford to spin at that rate for any length of time?

A 20 payline machine will accept 20 coins. If the minimum stake is $0.01, that’s only $0.20 per play. But the majority of online slots games are designed to hit big pays more often when playing at the highest stakes. So, if the max coin size is $0.50, you’d be paying $10 per spin to get the highest payout ratio.

This is why you find so many seniors at the 3-reel classic slots in land-based casinos. They know they can play these machines pretty cheap, and get the best odds of winning. Take heed of the max coins, and max bet size, when seeking the best online slots games to play.

Play Popular Online Slots for Real Money

Popular Online Slots GamesTake a few moments to do some research. Online slots players love to talk about their game play in community forums and blogs. See what they are playing. The most popular online slots games have attained that popularity for a reason, and it’s not just entertainment value.

Are Progressive Worth Playing?

Microgaming‘s Mega Moolah, available at site’s like Royal Vegas, is a huge hit with veteran players because its four-tier progressive jackpot hits so frequently. It hits so often because so many people play it. As long as that cycle keeps going, it will continue to make millionaires every few weeks, and decently wealthy player every day.

If you’re going to play a progressive game like this, don’t switch games all the time. It takes time, patience and luck (and strict bankroll responsibility) to hit a life altering win.

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