Global Gaming Almanac 2016 bypasses US, Canada Gaming markets

Canada GamingResearch & Markets proudly announced the release of another in-depth data newsletter titled Global Gaming Almanac – 2016 Edition. The annual publication includes an immense amount of statistical and analytical data from gaming industries across 200+ jurisdictions, but notably excludes US and Canada gaming markets.

The Global Gaming Almanac is an contextual and interactive tool designed to help land-based and online gaming businesses better understand the market climate, and their competition, both at home and abroad. It includes a “synopsis of each jurisdiction’s gaming activities”, covering all relative forms of gaming, legislative efforts, major trends, and everything in between.

An overview provided by Research & Markets in yesterday’s press release details the finer points included in the industry newsletter:

  • Covers every world gaming jurisdiction with market summaries, financial data, statistics and profiles of properties, owners and regulators.

  • Provides market, financial, legal, and regulatory information about land-based and online gambling in 200+ regions and jurisdictions around the globe.

  • Will help you gather world market data to support your business plan, analyze local and foreign competitors, and monitor global trends.

However, the document quickly goes on to iterate that US and Canada gaming markets – two of the largest in the world – will not be present in the Global Gaming Almanac.

…Global Gaming Almanac provides a complete and well-organized overview of the gambling market in every country outside the U.S. and Canada.”

US & Canada Gaming Markets

As everyone knows, gambling is huge in North America. Most US states play host to numerous casino properties, with Las Vegas, Nevada being one of the largest gambling meccas in the world. The prevalence of casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey isn’t what it was a few years ago, but the properties that remain are still universally recognized for their extravagance.

Both of these states, along with Delaware, are so keen on their gaming markets they moved to launch regulated online gaming in 2013. Nevada offers online poker exclusively, while Delaware and New Jersey present their residents with online poker and casino gambling.

In Canada, gaming is heavily relied upon to fund government coffers. Most of its territories have provincially-run gaming facilities, such as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation‘s OLG Slots facilities. Like their neighbors to the south, three Canada gaming provinces also elected to launch homegrown internet gambling operations.

But you won’t find the names of any of those companies in the Global Gaming Almanac – 2016 Edition. At first, I thought maybe the researchers undervalued the North American market, or perhaps the region was left out because of the way it operates domesticated iGaming. Only 3 of 50 US states permit the activity, and Canada’s regulations don’t allow for any outside competition.

Then, after a bit more research into the fact, the answer became blindingly clear – as clear as the multitude of dollar signs it rested upon.

It’s All About The Money

Research & Markets is asking a price tag of anywhere from €949 (hard copy only) to €1,708 (hard copy plus online access for up to 5 users) for its latest edition of not-so-global industry data. If you look into the other reports available for purchase, you’ll find they’re also selling a North American Gaming Almanac 2016-2017 Edition. This one retails for – you guessed it – the exact same price, and excludes every other region of the world.

So it’s not that the authors undervalue the prevalence of US and Canada gaming markets, nor that they shun their position on internet gaming practices. They’re just looking to make an extra buck – just like all of the global gaming operators who’ll surely pay the hefty price for all that glorious market data.

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