Fix: Chrome now blocks Live Dealer Casino Games by Default

Live Dealer Casino Games Blocked by Chrome Flash DefaultFor millions of users, Google Chrome is the browser of choice. It’s quick, it’s clean, it gets us where we need to go without the incessant lag so often associated with Microsoft Edge. But if you play live dealer casino games, you may be frustrated by the latest Chrome update.

It’s no secret that Google Chrome doesn’t like Flash content. Why not? Who knows. Maybe because they didn’t create it, or buy out the company that did. Whatever the reason, they don’t like Chrome users playing Flash content, and have finally put a stop to it by automatically blocking all Flash content by default.

If you updated your Chrome browser and tried to play live dealer casino games (or any other Flash-based content) recently, you have probably already seen the latest blocking notice. It looks like this:

Crhome Flash Block - Live dealer casino games

Yes, the new default settings are more annoying than ever. In the early days of Chrome, Flash content loaded right up, no delays, no prompts – it just worked.

In recent years, Google’s aversion to Flash became quite evident. Every time a user attempted to access any content that runs off Adobe Flash Player, they were asked to choose whether they really wanted to see it or not.

Now, Google is making the assumption that we don’t want to see Flash content, and exerting that control via the default ‘Flash Block‘ setting. The good news is, you can fix it with a few clicks, and never have to see this message again. Well, at least not until the next update!

How To Enable Flash Content On Chrome

To fix the problem for good, open your Chrome browser and look in the top right corner for the More Options button. It looks like three dots in a vertical line, and will read “Customize and control Google Chrome” when you mouse over it. Like this:

Customize Chrome Settings - Live dealer casino games

Click on those vertical dots, and the full menu will pop up. Then slide your mouse down to the word Settings, and click on it.

Chrome Settings - Live dealer casino games

A new browser tab will open with a full list of Settings options. Scroll down to the very bottom of that page, and you’ll see “Show advanced settings”. Click on that.

Chrome Advanced Settings - Live dealer casino games

Where that text was (that you just clicked on), more options will appear. The first one says, “Privacy”, followed by two buttons underneath that read “Content settings” and “Clear browsing data”. Click on Content Settings.

Chrome Content Settings - - Live dealer casino games

Almost there now… Scroll down the pop-up window that opened until you see “Flash”. There are three options here. You’ll notice that, by default, the option labeled “Block sites from running Flash” is already selected for you. Thanks Google for your presumptuous behavior.

And, on a side note, why is “Ask first…” recommended, but “Block sites…” set as the default? Hmmm?

Anyway, the other two options are “Allow sites to run Flash”, and “Ask first before allowing sites to run Flash (recommended)”.

Chrome Fix Flash - Live dealer casino games

If you just want all Flash content to load, click that top option that reads, “Allow sites to run Flash”. This way, every time you attempt to play live dealer casinos games, they’ll start right up with no delays or interruptions.

If you are a creature of habit and enjoy telling Chrome every time that you want Flash to run, choose the second option, “Ask first…

As an alternative, you could always click the “Manage Exceptions” button and tell Chrome exactly what websites are allowed to run Flash. All others will be auto-blocked. It’s a lot of rigmarole, but if your the techy type who really enjoys customizing everything you possibly can, go for it.

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