Teamwork makes the Microgaming Casino World go round

Did you ever wonder how Microgaming, the oldest online casinos slots developers in the world, is able to churn out so many games every month? Its portfolio is overflowing with over 800 titles; far higher than any of its competitors. The answer lies in one simple word: Teamwork.

In 2016, the casino slots makers introduced what it calls the Microgaming Idea Factory. It’s based on the premise that every innovative idea from every staff member is worth looking into. Think of it as a typical work place’s Suggestions Box, but on a much more immersive scale.

Microgaming Casino Slots Innovation

Microgaming Idea Factory

The concept for the Microgaming Idea Factory was born from a global workforce movement called Spark the Change. The initiative tasks all large-scale businesses with finding new ways to empower their employees and create a happier work environment.

Lydia Barbara, Head of Innovation Strategy for Microgaming, spearheaded the Idea Factory as a way to invoke Spark the Change within the Isle of Man-based company. It’s been so successful thus far, the Microgaming Idea Factory was honored with the 2017 Spark Award, which celebrates companies who experiment with innovative ways to get their entire team more involved.

More Than a ‘Suggestions Box’

Microgaming’s initiative is so much more than a standard suggestions box. As we all know (or vehemently suspect), most companies rarely bother to look at, much less implement, the suggestions of their staff.

At Microgaming, they don’t only investigate every idea submitted, they make a contest out of it, and reward those employees who conceptualize a productive, workable innovation. Submissions can be made on any idea that refines the Microgaming culture, whether it’s an enhancement to the work environment, a way to improve or expedite services, or an idea for a new casino slots game.

Every idea is considered, and much like all those reality TV talent contests, there are multiple rounds to each contest. Members of senior management play the role of the judges, deciding whether each submission is workable and worth implanting.

In its inaugural debut (2016), 5 staff members won the contest, and their ideas were employed by the company. The winning submissions were:

  • MGS House Lotto – an internal charity initiative using scratch cards and lotto games

  • Emoticoins Online Slot – an emoji-themed slot, scheduled for release this summer

  • The Market – an in-house classifieds

  • New Compliance Portal – an overhaul of the due diligence process for onboarding new operators

  • Ideas Workshop – a new process for target-oriented brainstorming

23 Years of Microgaming Casino Innovation

Microgaming’s roots date all the way back to 1994. Being the very first – and for several years, only – casinos slots maker in the online realm, it’s little wonder their level of innovation over the last 23 years has never been matched.

To put that into perspective, lets’ take a look at what else was happening in 1994. At the time of Microgaming’s founding, there were just 623 websites on the internet. This company was giving people a means of playing real money casino slots online a full year before Amazon ever started selling books. Now, both companies are the distinct leaders in their fields, setting the bar for all others to attempt to keep up with.

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