Casino War: The Simplest Game you ever Lost

Did you ever wonder how to play Casino War? Chances are you already learned to play years ago. Casino War rules mimic the rules of the incredibly popular children’s card game, known simply as War.

Casino War RulesIt was the simplest of all card games – so easy a 5 year old could play it with ease. Even against a full grown adult of above-average intelligence, that 5 year old would have equal odds of winning the game. After all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine if one card is higher than another.

But don’t let the original game’s mechanics fool you into thinking you’ll have as easy a time beating the house in Casino War. While the rules of the game may be the same, the way players wager on it – and more specifically, they way winning bets are paid – alter the original 50/50 odds to ensure the casino always gets the lion’s share of the rewards.

Casino War Rules & Payouts

Casino War is, essentially, a very basic game of High-Low. Standard poker card ranks determine the value of each card, with one exception; Aces are always high. Six decks of 52 cards are used, with all jokers removed, as usual.

The player gets one card, the dealer gets one card. High card wins.

In the base game, the player and dealer have an equal, 50/50 chance of winning every bet. After all, there’s no way to alter the dealer’s odds of getting a higher card than the player, or vice versa.

However, probabilities tell use a tie will be dealt, on average, 1 in every 13.52 hands, or 7.4% of the time. When this occurs, the player and dealer “Go To War!

Unfortunately, during War, the player’s fair chance is stripped away by a very one-sided pay table.

On a normal hand (no tie), the player will receive a 1-to-1 payout on his original bet for winning. Likewise, the player will lose the original bet if the dealer wins.

When going to War, the player is forced to make a second bet called the Raise), equal to their first bet (called the Ante). If the player wins, he only collects a 1-to-1 payout on the Raise. The Ante is returned as a push. But if the dealer wins the War, the player losses both bets.

To put it simply, Casino War rules force players to risk two units in hopes of winning just one (i.e. bet $10 to win $5).

When you put it all together – including the odds of being dealt a tie 7.4% of the time – Casino War rules give the casino an overall house edge of 2.88%.

Casino War Rules – Variations

There are two semi-common variations to Casino War rules. One works in favor of the player, and the other against.

Surrender on Tie: Some casinos will allow the player to Surrender instead of going to War. Whenever a tie is dealt, the player can choose to forfeit half their bet, and keep the other half. While this may sound beneficial, it’s actually not. The house edge climbs to 3.7%.

Bonus on Double Tie: Some Casino War rules will pay out a Bonus to players if going to War results in another tie. The best known Casino War games for players are offered at online casinos employing the Gamesys platform. These games award a 3x bonus payout on the Ante (original bet only) for a double tie. The house edge is 2.33% on these games.

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