Cashing In on 1024 Ways to Win Slots

Since the dawn of casinos, gamblers have been familiarized with the presence of paylines on a slot machine. In the old days, a single payline was utilized. They slowly rose to 3 lines, 5 lines, and eventually 20, 50, even 100 paylines. Now days, paylines have transformed into ‘ways to win‘, delivering anywhere from 243 up to 1024 ways to win slots.

Secret Santa 1024 Ways to Win Slots

Ways to win games are similar to traditional payline slots, but at the same time, very different. On the one hand, the number of paylines/ways refers to the number of ways a winning combination can be lined up. However, ways to win slots will offer a much larger number of lines, without requiring the player to pay for each of those lines.

1024 Ways to Win Slots

1024 is an awful lot of lines to win on. One lucky spin, perhaps with a few wilds in the mix, could deliver a massive payout across an immense number of pay-ways. This is the most attractive feature for players of these types of slot machines.

What makes these slots games so different from traditional payline slots is the way players pay to play them. In a standard payline game, the player will choose a per-credit denomination; maybe $0.01 per line. If the machine has 20 paylines, they will be paying $0.20 per play.

1024 ways to win slots would become extremely expensive if they incorporated the same betting system. Even at $0.01 per line, it would cost $10.24 per spin. Not too many players would be keen on such an expensive game.

Instead, the creators of these games devised a cheaper way to play. Instead of paying per line, players will choose an amount to bet, often set in increments of $0.40 (i.e. $0.40, $0.80, $1.20, etc.) That bet is then divided by 1024 to determine the value of each line bet.

1024 Ways to Win Slots

1024 ways to win slots are also very different from the original 243 ways to win slots. In 243-ways games, the traditional 5×3 grid of reels is used. Every possible payline, moving across the reels left to right, is activated. In 1024 ways to win slots, the reels expand t a 5×4 grid. So long as the winning symbols are adjacent to one another, starting from a leftmost reel, they can run in any direction.

1024 Ways to Win Slots – Pros

The obvious benefit here is that one great spin can award a massive payout. 1024 ways to win slots have the potential to deliver huge dividends.

More often than not, these machines will pay out best when a free spins game is triggered. During free spins, special features like multipliers and stacked or expanding wilds may be activated.

These games are immensely entertaining, because hardly a spin goes by without a winning combination being struck in one direction or another—if not many all at once.

1024 Ways to Win Slots – Cons

The problem with these slot machines is that each bet is so drastically divided, a single winning combination is worth near to nothing. Let me explain…

If you wager $1.00 per spin on a 1024 ways to win slots game, that equates to just $0.001 per line. So when a winning combination worth 20x the line bet is struck, you’re only winning $0.02 (losing $0.98). Even if that same payout is struck on 20 lines at once, your win is valued at $0.80. That’s still an overall loss.

These machines can give players the feeling that they are winning, when in reality, they’re still losing money. As entertaining as they are, they can become costly if players don’t pay close attention to their bankroll.

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