Reading and Interpreting the Validity of Canada Online Casino Reviews

Writing and Reading Good Canada Online Casino ReviewsI’ve been working on this website for years now. It’s very important to me, not just because it’s a modicum source of income, but because I truly believe in the information I write. The first rule of any creative writing class is to ‘write what you know‘, and that’s what I’ve always done.

I write Canada online casino reviews, game tutorials, strategies, news, and other relative topics, because I know them. I’ve played at these casinos. I’ve learned the rules of these games. I’ve researched and personally tested each of the strategies I write about.

As a long-time practitioner of the linguistic arts (i.e. writer), it only seemed natural to merge my passion for creative journalism with my love of casual gambling. Thus, here I am typing this, and here you are, reading (and hopefully enjoying) it.

But like any business—and it is a business, to be sure—there are positives and negatives. There are those who provide fellow internet gamblers with genuine, helpful information based on true life experiences. Then there are those who will say anything to make a buck.

The Negative Side of Online Casino Reviews

Every week it seems, I come across Canada online casino reviews that—quite frankly—suck. Having put so much time, effort and research into my own materials, it irritates me to think some unsuspecting reader might actually be gathering and trusting information from sites like these.

Today, I came across a page that was so ridiculously bad, it actually led me to write this today. It had to be the worst delivery of information I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot. I won’t name any names (or domains). I’ll simply give you a one-sentence (if you can call it that) excerpt from the text.

Bad Canada Online Casino ReviewsCanada players can take advantage of the no deposit bonus to have a feel of the online casino no deposit free bonus machine they want to play with free spins no deposit keep what you win.”

There are so many things wrong with this, and not just from a grammatical standpoint, either. Whoever wrote it did have a purpose, though. Unforgettably, it wasn’t the best interest of their readers.

No, the idea here is what webmasters refer to as “keyword stuffing”. This occurs when keywords and phrases are used in abundance to gain a higher indexing rank on search engines. Thus readers like you are more likely to find these pages when searching for those keywords/phrases.

Look at that sentence again. There are so many phrases a person might search for when looking up reviews for online casino that accept Canadian players. The writer used all the most popular phrases, shoving them together into a single, nonsensical sentence.

And remember, you’re only looking at one excerpt from the text. The entire page read like this.

You Deserve Better

If you’re looking for honest Canada online casino reviews, text like that found in the example above should always be avoided. It’s a clear sign that the writer cares way more about drawing traffic to his/her website than he/she does about the visitors who are reading it.

There are other key elements to look for besides bad grammar and keyword stuffing. One of the biggest is over-promoting a product. We’ve all heard those annoying car sales commercials on TV, with salesman extolling their super-cheap, unbeatable prices on the world’s most popular vehicles.

Suffice to say, if a Canada online casino review reads like a car salesman’s script, you should probably think twice about trusting that information.

A good review will provide unbiased context, with proper grammar and punctuation. The occasional typo is fine—we all make mistakes now and again. And that doesn’t mean there have to be negative elements in the review, either.

Some online casinos really do provide excellent services in all departments. But when the grammar is terrible, sentences run on forever, and the promotional aspect becomes overwhelming, it’s a clear sign you’re reading the wrong Canada online casino reviews.

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