Evidence of Secure Casino Gambling Online

Hackers are constantly attacking land-based casino customer data, while millions of players enjoy secure casino gambling online.

Secure Casino Gambling OnlineIf I told you it was safer to gamble over the internet than in a land-based casino, would you believe me? Probably not. Who am I to offer such criticism of distinguished resort properties? I’m not a scholar. I have no background in computer science or security management. I don’t even work in IT. Heck, I wouldn’t trust me either!

But what if I told you there was evidence to back up that claim? Evidence and hard facts are what all beliefs should be based on – not unsolicited word of mouth. Just look at how many social media hoaxes go viral these days, like the ‘Anwar Jitou / Jayden K. Smith Facebook hacker‘ rumor. Yeesh!

Secure Casino Gambling Online

Players have experienced secure casino gambling online for years now. The only notable breaches in security occurred when an inside source with upper-management access in a company abused their power.

The Absolute Poker / UltimateBet Super User Scandals of 2006-2008 are a perfect example. However, it wasn’t customer information that was stolen. A high-ranking employee created a ‘super user’ account to spy on player’s poker hands, cheating them out of millions at the tables.

Since then, no super user account have been identified, but what we’re talking about here is the security of every player’s personal and financial information when accessing an online casino website from their desktop or mobile device. Compliance with data encryption standards is mandatory, and all major operators adhere to these guidelines.

There’s no evidence or reports of any reputable operator suffering from a breach in personal and/or financial data. That information is protected by extremely powerful security protocols, include minimum 128-bit SSL encryption algorithms. It’s the exact same technology utilized by government banking institutions.

Encryption Algorithms

Encryption Secure Casino Gambling OnlineWhen a player participates in secure online casino gaming, every aspect of sensitive data transmission is protected by encryption algorithms. Encryption takes place when signing up an account with your real name and address. It’s utilized to secure username and password data when logging in. All financial information during banking operations (deposits and withdrawals) is encrypted as well.

To better explain the process, we’ll take a look at some of the relative definitions of data encryption provide by Network Sorcery:

Encryption: The process of making a message unrecognizable with a cipher algorithm.

Cipher Algorithm: A mechanism used to encrypt or decrypt a message.

Encryption Key: A sequence of values that are used with a cipher algorithm to encrypt a message. The choice of random (or cryptographically pseudorandom) keys, a secure key exchange mechanism, frequent key refreshments, and good secrecy protection of keys are all essential ingredients for the security of the integrity verification mechanism.

That’s a lot of big words, I know, but what it boils down to is this. Your information is altered to look like something no one could possibly read during transmission. It provides the assurance of entirely secure online casino gambling to customers all over the world.

Land-Based Casino Security Questionable

Land-based Casinos HackedThe security of land-based casinos has been compromised time and again, including a rash of recent incidents that customers are still dealing with. Just last month, the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas admitted to a data breach involving customer payment cards after malware was placed on the resort’s card processing system.

Between 2013 and 2016, reports confirmed a strain of Canadian casinos were victims of a sophisticated hacking group. The cyber-attack laid claim to everything from corporate records the customer information. The hackers were so brazen, they demanded a ransom, lest they release the information to the public. No ransom was provided, and customer data was publicly posted.

Last year, Affinity Gaming, operator of seven major casinos across the United States, filed a lawsuit against Trustwave, the security firm it hired to investigate a 2013 data breach of its customer accounts. During that investigation, after Trustwave assured the group its systems were safe, another data breach was identified.

These are just a few of the bigger stories to surface in recent times. Land-based casinos are constantly being hacked; their customers’ information being compromised. And all the while, millions of internet users have enjoyed secure casino gambling online.

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