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Learn how to make PayforIt casino deposits on a mobile device at pay by phone bill casinos.

Mobile Pay By Phone Bill Casinos

What are the most important factors you look for in an online or mobile casino payment method? Does speed matter to you? What about convenience? I’d be willing to bet security is high up on your list—the cherry on top for most of you.

Every reputable online casino operator strives to meet or exceed the security standards set forth by the world’s regulatory bodies. Banks, credit card companies and online payment processors (e-wallets) adhere to the strictest security measures of all. And while these casino deposit methods are known to be perfectly safe, they cannot be guaranteed secure.

The problem with them is that the player does, at some point in time—even if it’s only once—have to provide some type of sensitive, financial information over the internet. Using a credit/debit card or bank account means entering that info directly on the casino website. Signing up with an e-wallet account means providing that information to the payment processor.

So long as that data is being typed into your computer or mobile device at any point in time, there’s some level of risk involved. Minimal or not, it still exists. Unless you happen to be utilizing PayforIt casino deposits, the ultimately secure way to deposit at pay by phone bill casinos.

PayforIt Casino Deposits for Mobile

PayforIt is a payment method designed especially for mobile phone users. There’s no registration or membership required, the service is absolutely free, and you’ll never have to enter any financial details over the internet.

PayforIt can be used for a lot more than pay by phone bill casinos, too. It’s particularly popular for purchasing digital content, like music, games, apps and IAPs. Being so quick, convenient and secure—the three most important elements sought by mobile casino user—PayforIt is swiftly becoming one of the most trusted mobile payment options available.

The service hasn’t exactly spread like wildfire, though. It’s only available at a select few pay by phone bill casinos, but that number is sure to grow much higher before the year is out.

Who Can Use PayforIt Casino Deposits?

PayforIt casino deposits for UK players only

For the time being, PayforIt is only available to mobile customers who have a UK phone number. PayforIt was a developed by the collaborative efforts of four major UK-based mobile networks EE3O2 and Vodafone, and is currently restricted the UK mobile phone accounts.

As the PayforIt FAQ states:

Payforit can be used by anyone in the UK who owns a Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go mobile phone and has credit.

How Does PayforIt Work?

PayforIt casino deposits can be made effortlessly at all pay by phone bill casinos. It doesn’t actually matter if the PayforIt logo is displayed. If it is, great, but so long as an option to ‘Pay by Mobile‘ or ‘Pay by SMS‘ is provided, PayforIt is a viable option.

When you make a Payforit deposit, the amount of the purchase will appear on your cellular phone bill. If you have a pay-as-you-go account, you will need to have enough funds in that account to cover the purchase. For pay-monthly plans, the purchase amount is tacked on to your next monthly bill.

How to Make PayforIt Casino Deposits

PayforIt Casino Deposits Logo

To make a PayforIt casino deposit, login to your online casino account and navigate to the banking section. Choose PayforIt (or Pay by Mobile, Pay by SMS, etc) from the list of available deposit methods. On the next page, you’ll need to enter the amount you wish to deposit.

Any other information that may be required will depend entirely on how you’re access the pay by phone bill casinos website:

3G / 4G Network: If logged in from a mobile device that’s connected via 3G or 4G network, there’s no other information required. The payment system will instantly authenticate the mobile phone carrier and number. All you have to do is press the confirmation button when prompted, and the deposit is complete.

Wifi Connection: If your mobile device is connected via WiFi, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number for verification. You’ll then receive an SMS message requiring you to confirm that this is the correct mobile device. Upon confirmation, the deposit is complete.

On Desktop: You can make PayforIt casino deposits from a desktop computer, as well. You’ll be asked for additional information about your mobile phone. Fill this in, and a message will be sent to the phone to confirm it is the correct device and number. Reply to the message as instructed to confirm the deposit.

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