Be the Dealer in 21st Century Blackjack

Be the dealer in player vs. player 21st Century Blackjack.

21st Century Blackjack RulesDid you ever wish you could be the dealer in a blackjack game, but still profit like a player? Dealers get all the advantages, but playing your hand by their rules won’t help you one bit. Now, thanks to some very innovative game inventors, you can.

21st Century Blackjack is like no other blackjack game you’ve ever played before. There are three major differences.

First, a player can act as the dealer, claiming all the winnings just like the house would. Second, there’s a Joker in play, bringing the total cards per deck to 53. And third, the best possible hand is 22, not 21. Perhaps a more appropriate name would have been 22nd Century Blackjack?

Oh, and one there’s more little detail I should mention. You can’t bust by 21st Century Blackjack rules!

Why Player VS Player?

This game is only found in land-based casinos, and—for the most part—only where legal restrictions prohibit the casino from presenting traditional, house-banked blackjack games. In order to provide players with a game that didn’t violate the laws of ‘no house banked card games‘, a player vs. player version was created.

It’s become popular enough that some casinos now offer 21st Century Blackjack, or some variation thereof, alongside traditional blackjack tables.

21st Century Blackjack Rules

21st Century Blackjack RulesMuch like Texas Hold’em Poker, this game uses dealer button to signify which player is acting as the bank. The dealer button is passed around the table, giving each player a set number of hands to participate as the banker. A player can choose to pass the dealer button early, or not act as the dealer at all, if they so wish.

The game uses anywhere from 2 to 8 decks in the shoe and accommodates 8 to 10 players per table. The best possible hand is 22, which is achieved as a “natural” 2-card hand with an Ace+Ace, Ace+Joker or Joker+Joker. This hand beats all others. A 22 of 3+ cards is the next best.

Other rules for 21st Century Blackjack include:

Player Rules

  • Players hits any hand of 12 or below.
  • Player stands on hard 20+.
  • Player stands on soft or hard 21/22.
  • Player can double on 11 or 12, and can draw 1 or 2 cards when doing so.
  • Splitting is allowed (number of splits varies by casino)
  • Player cannot hit if the dealer has a Joker showing.
  • Player pays a fee to the casino to participate, usually 1% of total bets ($1 per $100 wagered)

Dealer Rules

  • Dealer hits any hand up to hard 17 or soft 18.
  • Dealer stands on soft 19+ or hard 18+.
  • Dealer pays a flat fee to the casino to participate, usually $2 to $3.

General Rules

  • If player and dealer have a natural 22, it is a push.
  • A player’s natural 22 pays 6:5; for the dealer, it’s a straight win.
  • There is no busting in 21st Century Blackjack. A hand of 22-25 is a push, if it closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. Otherwise, dealer wins.
  • Jokers have no value unless paired with an Ace or another Joker to make 22.
  • Surrender and/or Late Surrender is offered at some casinos.

For additional information, check out the 21st Century Blackjack rules as stated by California’s Bay 101 Casino.

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