Utilizing Demo Slots to Gain an Advantage Online

Learn how demo slot machines give players an advantage at online casinos.

When you walk into a land-based casino, you have so many options. Every game imaginable is literally flashing and ringing out to you. “Come, play me!” they beckon. The slot machines are most notorious for this behavior. Online casinos are very similar, but there’s one thing they offer that no land-based casino will, and that’s demo slots.

Free Demo SlotsAsk any casino employee if you can try out one of their slot machines in free-play mode, and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy. If you want to play the games, you have to invest your cash into them. That’s how it works.

Now we all know that’s what casinos are for – placing wagers for entertainment and the hope of winning more back than you spend. It’s no surprise that land-based casinos don’t offer anything less. But there’s a huge advantage that comes with playing demo slot machines before putting any real cash on the line.

Demo Slot Machines for Advantage Play

There’s no real way to gain an advantage over the house, especially when playing slot machines. They are set to a specific RTP (return to player), and that’s the most they’re going to pay out, over time, no matter what. So personally, I believe it’s unfair that casinos are able to gain a better advantage over their players than the RTP suggests.

This often happens when a patron puts money in a game they are unfamiliar with. If they don’t fully understand the rules and features of the game, they could actually be decreasing their RTP, or expect win ration.

Utilizing demo slots changes everything. It allows players to get a true feel for a game before deciding whether they want to invest any money in it. Players have time to examine the rules and paytable, learning exactly what may be required of them to get the highest RTP.

For example, some slot machines—especially the jackpot and progressive jackpot variety—may require a larger-than-minimum bet in order to become eligible to pay out that jackpot. If you’re going to play a game where you could win a huge prize by playing 5 coins per line, but you only play only 1 to 4 cons per line, will actually lower your RTP.

That’s not smart game play at all! By playing free demo slot machines first and learning how everything works, you’ll know you’re not missing out on a better opportunity to win some cash.

Judging Entertainment Value with Demo Slots

Every smart gambler knows that entertainment should be the number one goal when playing slot machines. They aren’t designed to award everyone. In fact, only a small percentage of players will actually walk away with a profit, no matter the size. So long as you’re getting enough entertainment value for your dollar, and managing your bankroll wisely, you won’t be disappointed when you lose more often than you win.

In my opinion, the worst thing that can happen is you drop a chunk of money on a machine, and—not only do you lose it all—you get no enjoyment out of the experience. Again, this is where demo slot machines can save they day.

At online casinos, I strongly encourage everyone to play the free demo slots version of any game before risking real money on it. You should find the theme and features to be exciting, and have a full understanding of the game’s rules and paytable. Only then should you play that game for real money.

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