Poker Masters could earn Extra Million for Canada’s Negreanu

Why Daniel Neagreanu is the smartest poker player in the world.

Canadian Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu and his $1M Poker Masters Purple Jacket Prop BetWould you be willing to place 1-to-20 odds on one of the best poker players in the world? Not 20-to-1, but 1-to-20. Not familiar with betting odds? What this means it that you stand to win 20x more than you risk if you win. That’s what Canada’s Daniel Negreanu is doing, and it’s why he’s clearly the smartest the poker player in the world.

Note that I didn’t call him the best poker player in the world, although there’s certainly room for debate there. He does hold the honor of highest live tournament winnings with over $32 million banked. He also has a trophy case full of titles and bracelets. But he’s never bested the lot in the annual World Series of Poker Championship in Las Vegas.

What Negreanu has going for him is a quick mind and a knack for taking auspicious propositions. That’s exactly what he did in preparation for the Poker Masters tournament prior to the first event that kicked off yesterday at Aria Resort Casino.

Neagreanu’s $1Mil Poker Masters Prop

Last week, Daniel blasted out a Tweet to one of the most publicized, YouTube-happy poker streamers of our time, Doug Polk. (This ensures many people will hear about it.) Negreanu proposed a bet. They would each stake $50,000. If Negreanu wins the Poker Masters Purple Jacket, Polk pays him $50k. If Polk wins it, Negreanu pays $50k to him. If neither wins it, no one pays.

Not only did Polk accept the wager, he told all his YouTube poker fans about it, and offered to raise it by one zero to $500,000. Negreanu declined the raise, because that didn’t fit into his master plan. And almost immediately, all the remaining puzzle pieces began falling into place.

Within days, the Canadian poker pro had secured more of the same prop bets with other members of the Poker Masters field. Nineteen more of them, to be exact. And suddenly, it became clear why Daniel Negreanu is the smartest poker player of all time.

Lose $50k or Win $1 Million? Yes, Please!

With 20 prop bets in place, Negreanu is risking at most $50,000 if he loses, and one of his bet-takers wins. If, however, Negreanu—who is indisputably among the best poker players in the world—wins the purple jacket, all 20 of those opposers will owe him $50,000. That’s a cool million, plus whatever he wins in the 5-event tournament.

How To Win The Purple Jacket

The Poker Masters consists of 5 events. There are four preliminary events with $50k buy-ins and one optional re-buy. The fifth is the Poker Masters Championship event, featuring a $100k buy-in, but no re-entries.

To win the first ever Poker Masters Purple Jacket, hand-tailored by the famous designer Waraire Boswell, you must earn the highest cumulative cashes in all five events.

Negreanu has an advantage here already, and not just because he’s good at playing poker. He has more than enough bankroll to buy into every event, and re-buy into every eligible one. And the fact that he’s only risking 1/20th of the amount he stands to gain is simply genius.

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