Playtech launches new Golden Baccarat Live Dealer Tables

What’s so special about Playtech’s new Golden Baccarat live dealer tables?

Golden Baccarat Live Dealer Tables by PlaytechStep right up, ladies and gentlemen! Playtech is encouraging all of its live casino fans to explore the newest addition to their studio in Riga, Latvia. Launched mid October, its name, Golden Baccarat, provokes visions of glimmering jewels and high-rolling card sharks. But that wouldn’t embody anything new, now would it?

If you’re going to choose a name like Golden Baccarat, you have to have a good reason for it. There must be something special, something exclusive, something unique to draw the masses to the table. Playtech believes they’ve fulfilled each of those qualities with this new live casino game.

What’s so Special about Golden Baccarat Live?

As anyone who’s visited the live tables of Playtech’s new Riga studio can tell you, having a gold sheen to the table is nothing new. All of the studio’s table are highlighted by gold felt. The Golden Baccarat tables are no different, of course.

What the developers of this new baccarat game came up with is an intriguing new way to deal the cards. Every hard-core baccarat player likes their cards to be dealt in some specific way. So far, Playtech has given us five different options:

Standard Baccarat – traditional dealing of the cards

Speed Baccarat – expedited version of a traditional game

Dealer Controlled Squeeze Baccarat – dealer squeezes to reveal part of one card

High-Player Controlled Squeeze Baccarat – highest betting player chooses which card the dealer will squeeze

All-Player Controlled Squeeze Baccarat – all players contribute to choosing which card the dealer will squeeze

This latest addition brings the total of unique dealing mechanisms to half a dozen. Here’s how it works…

Golden Baccarat Live Dealer Tables

At these tables, the dealer will actually deal 6 cards off the top of the shoe to start, all played face down. Two of these are the Player’s cards, placed face down in front of the Player section of the table. Likewise, two are the Banker’s cards, placed in the Banker section. The other two are placed to the side in a special area just below the shoe. These are the cards that may or may not be dealt as the third and final Banker and/or Player card.

Once the Player and Banker hands are revealed, the dealer will determine whether either of the additional cards need to be dealt to complete the hands. If so, they will be turned face up and placed per standard rules. If one or both cards is not used in the hand, it/they will become the starting card(s) for the next hand.

Why Does It Matter?

Baccarat Live Tables with Controlled SqueezeThe truth is, it doesn’t matter at all. There is no special dealing method in baccarat that will have any effect on the outcome of a hand, for better or worse. This new method of dealing still results in the exact same cards being turned face up in the exact same order as they would in a traditionally dealt game. Squeezing a peek at the cards has no effect either, since all bets have already been placed.

The only potential effect for a player would come from Speed Baccarat. With the house edge always working against the player, this game could diminish a bankroll much faster than a standard game of Baccarat live.

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