Timeless Strategy Advantage of Online Casino Games

The Online Advantage: Look up mobile casino strategies as you play.

Online Casino GamesPicture this… You’re seated at a blackjack table in a big, land-based casino. There are players on either side of you. The game is moving along smoothly. Then suddenly, the player to your left can’t seem to make a decision. He says, “Hold on a minute,” then whips out his iPhone and asks Siri for a blackjack strategy chart.

Wait, what? Is this guy serious? He’s obviously smart enough to know that optimal strategy is the best way to win. He’s also dumb enough to play in a live casino without memorizing that strategy first. The groans he would surely receive from everyone at the table might actually be loud enough to drown out the cacophony of chiming slot machines across the way.

Sorry, but no, you cannot hold up an entire table of players to look up casino strategies on your mobile device. It’s not illegal or anything, but it breaches every form of gambling etiquette in the book.

If you play online casino games, however, you can spend all the time in the world searching for the best move in any situation.

Mobile Casino Strategies – Timeless!

Mobile Casino StrategiesThe vast majority of online casino games are played one-on-one, player versus house. Whether it’s blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, casino holdem, red dog, slot machines, video poker, you name it… These games are computer engineered to play with the same odds and probabilities as a live game, but you – the player – are the only real live thing about it. Thus there’s no time limit to abide by.

You can take all the time you want to decide the best move. Split those 9s, or stand with 18 against the dealer’s 6? The shooter hasn’t crapped out in 10 rolls, is Any Sevens a good bet? Look it up! There’s no rush to make a decision.

You’re already on your computer or mobile device anyway. Why not pop over to google and search for a blackjack chart or optimal strategy for craps? Heck, grab a fresh drink and a bowl of chips or popcorn while you’re at it. You’ve got all the time in the world!

The same cannot be said of live dealer casino games. Streamed live over the internet with a real dealer and real players, these are akin to land-based casino games. They will enforce a time limit, so don’t confuse them with traditional online and mobile casino games.

Other Advantages of Online Casino Games

There are many other reasons why online and mobile casinos are so often preferred over the land-based variety. First and foremost, you can play from pretty much anywhere, any time you feel like it, saving on travel expenses, food, etc.

There are a lot more games to choose from, too, and you can play them all for free, for as long as you want. This is a great way to really learn the rules and proper strategies for games you aren’t too familiar with. And for slots fans, the payback percentages are much more generous. Instead of the typical 85-90% RTP (return to player) at land-based casinos, you’ll find 94-98% RTPs online.

Then there’s the added benefit of promotions. New players get generous bonus offers on their first deposit – sometimes without even requiring a deposit. The promotional offerings and loyalty programs are far superior to brick-and-mortar casinos. And who can blame them really? If I had to pay the utility bill of a Las Vegas casino, I’d be pretty stingy too!

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