PVP Skill Gaming: It’s like Poker for Video Gamers!

How to play and win PVP skill games for real money.

Win PVP Skill Games for Real MoneyIf there’s one thing we (should) all know about traditional casino games, it’s that luck, or ‘chance‘, is the dominant factor. Every game is designed to give the house and advantage over the player. Some will win, more will lose. Only those who get lucky make up the first group.

More recently, games manufacturers and casinos collaborated on a new type of gambling venture they call skill gaming. These are more like arcades than slot machines. Targeting the millennial generation, they are basically video games that allow gamblers to incorporate skill.

The problem with these single-player skill games is that regulators mandate that they be built like slot machines. They must contain RNGs and predetermined payback percentages. So they still require some luck to win with any consistency.

The good news is, there’s another form of skill gaming that truly gives the most adept players an edge. The only way to do that is to eliminate the ‘house edge from the equation, and that means building them in PVP (player versus player) format.

PVP Skill Gaming

If you’ve ever played poker in a casino, you should have a basic concept of how these games work. In poker tournaments, every player pays to participate. The cost is made up of a buy-in and a small entry fee. The buy-ins make up the prize pool, and the house collect the fee. In cash games, the house claims a small percentage of every pot, known as the ‘rake‘. In this way, the casino is guaranteed to make money, while eliminating some of the ‘chance‘ factor from the game.

But in poker, chance still plays a significant enough role. The cards each player is randomly dealt will increase or decrease their odds of winning, no matter how good they are at bluffing or reading the competition.

Many PVP skill games really are 100% skill-based. The casinos don’t care who wins, either. No matter what, they know they’re collecting their precious rake.

How to Win PVP Skill Games for Real Money

Win PVP Skill Games for Real MoneyThe best PVP skill games games are based entirely on a player’s skill sets. The required skills will vary greatly from one game to the next. You’ll need to pick wisely, depending on what you’re best at.

A few years back, mental erudition was the only requirement. A game of chess, or even checkers, is always be won by the smarter, more experienced of the two players. The one who correctly calculates their moves, and their opponent’s potential moves, in advance, is going to have the upper hand. Backgammon is another popular one, although an element of chance still exists within the toss of the dice.

More modern games require other skills, like dexterity and lightning-fast reaction speed. Video gaming competitions are becoming extremely popular these days. They’re more commonly referred to as eSports, but they are nothing more than PVP skill gaming tournaments where the most adept video gamers take the prize.

In order to win, you have to be better at the game than your opponent. That’s all it takes. Simply practicing won’t cut it, though.

The old saying, ‘Practice makes perfect‘, doesn’t always apply. My good friend coaches a children’s basketball team, and his motto is, ‘Practice makes permanent‘. If you practice perfect, you’ll become perfect. If you practice wrong, you’ll play wrong, permanently.

So the ultimate key to win PVP skill games for real money is to play games that compliment your skill sets, and practice perfectly. Study your opponent(s) whenever possible, and don’t play someone who is clearly better than you. Remember, these aren’t slots. It’s not up to luck. It’s up to you.

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