Three Vital Tips to Playing Mobile Casino Games

Three fundamental online casino tips that are so incredibly simple, they’re just as easy to miss!

Vital Online Casino Tips for BeginnersI’ve written a lot of gambling strategy articles in the last twelve years, since long before mobile casino games drew an sizable audience. I’ve done a great deal of research, both hands-on and by-the-book. I must admit that there’s so much knowledge of the online casino realm filed away in my brain, I sometimes forget to mention the most basic edicts of game play.

Call it the curse of knowledge – the erroneous grains of advisory cells that assume everyone already knows the fundamentals of gambling. But every novitiate must to start somewhere, and the best place to do it is at the starting line, where no prior knowledge has been obtained. So for you, I offer these…

3 Online Casino Tips to Help Lay the Groundwork for a Successful (Entertaining) Gambling Experience

If you play mobile casino games, you should know these things already. But a quick refresher can’t hurt either. And if you’re new to the games, this vital information should not be overlooked. Without further ado…

1# You’re Going to Lose Money, and That’s Ok

Gambling is a form of entertainment. It’s not a way to make supplementary income. Casino games are not designed to profit their players. Some will get lucky and win; maybe even win more than they lose. But in the long term, everyone loses. Except maybe progressive jackpot winners, but they’re an exceptionally rare breed.

When you pick a game to play, take note of the theoretical return to player, or RTP. It’s never 100% or above. Most RTPs range from 90% to 99%. That means you can (theoretically) expect to win 90-99% of your money back. The other 1-10% is the amount you lose, and the casino wins. Wager $1,000 (over time) on a 95% RTP game, and odds are you’ll lose $50.

Make peace with the fact that you’re probably going to lose that money. Online and mobile casino games are – as I said – a form of entertainment. Enjoy it for what it is. Only stock your bankroll with money you can afford to lose, and…

#2 Know the Rules Before you Play

This is one of the simplest rules of all, yet so often disregarded. Do not spend money to play a game you don’t fully understand. If you bet real money on a game you don’t understand, you’re odds of losing are much higher.

One of the greatest things about online casino games is that they can always be played for free in practice or demo mode. If there’s a game you want to learn, take advantage of the free play mode to get the rules down. It may turn out that you don’t even like the game, but at least you didn’t lose anything on it. Or, maybe you’ll love it, and get more entertainment out of it than any other.

#3 Be Mindful of Where you Play Mobile Casino Games

Just as you should know the rules of each game, you should also know the reputation of your online casino. Every site will allow you to deposit instantly without hassle. But how well do they handle withdrawals? Over time, an operator that delivers slow payments, or no payments at all, will gain a reputation for it.

Do a little research before you play. Make sure the site has a good, long-standing reputation. Don’t join a brand new website that hasn’t been around long enough to build trusted relationships with its players, either. Longevity, integrity and trust go a very long way in this business.

Take heed of these important online casino tips, and you can have a great, entertaining experience playing mobile casino games.

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